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Your shortcut to prime apps on Mac, an App Store alternative

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I’m so glad our biggest project is finally out! We took a whole lot of amazing apps from the best developers on the market and put them in a single folder. With no ads and in-app purchases, it’s the simplest UX you can get. What we have now is a totally new way of finding and using apps. I believe it’s going to change the Mac world. We’ll make sure it does. Join us, test the beta version and tell me what you think! :)
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@kosovan Looks very promising. Signed up for Beta and activated. Just FYI, it won't accept my American Express CC.
@parwinder Sorry, to hear that, we are planning to add Amex support soon.
@parwinder working on that. American Express, PayPal, Discovery will be accepted soon.
@kosovan How dare you throw something this awesome in my face and have me wait in line for beta 😂
@cprins_ check a link by @kosovsan below to grab your invite
Here are another 100 Private beta invites for you:
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I installed Setapp a few days ago just because of the interest how does the idea with monthly subscription and access to MAS apps works and I'm pretty amazed, to be honest. I discovered a few great apps for me that I didn't know about and got some great that I wanted earlier like Ulysses. I was pretty surprised getting notifications that a new app was added. So fast! I definitely will use Setapp and recommend it to my friends. I've been using MacPaw's apps forever and it all started with CleanMyMac what is still one of my favourite Mac apps ever. I guess, Setapp will join the gang of the best apps.
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There are some seriously good applications included in Setapp! Especially with Ulysses, TaskPaper, Gemini, Focusesed, etc. It's a good way to get apps that otherwise you may of thought are too expensive for a one time purchase, but if you'd use a few of the included apps, this is a hell of a deal.
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@chrishannah thanks for the feedback. The selection of prime apps if the main promise of Setapp.
I like the look of this, especially as the library grows. Obviously as it grows it might become difficult to offer the same price to customers and still provide a high enough revenue to developers but it could be cool in the future if you have packages, eg. Developer package, Designer, Writer etc or get all package. Just a thought. Good work though, I look forward to seeing this grow :-)
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