Easily create powerful, beautiful forms. Check out Paperform V2! https://www.producthunt.com/posts/paperform-v2

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I'm on the Pro account. This is one of the products that I just need to have. I'm not entirely sure what am I going to do with it, but I just need to have this.
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@cleavatron This is one of my favourite responses to Paperform. Thanks for making my night.
@writerpollock @typeform I can't really say how it compares to Typeform as I've only used Typeform once or twice. What I can point out is why I like Paperform. It has this subtle way of 'hiding' the form elements. It's like I'm reading this narrative about a product, watching a couple of images about it and suddenly in the next paragraph, there's a couple of checkboxes. My mind naturally perceives that these are part of the narrative and I might as well check a few boxes while I'm at it so that I can continue on with the content. This is, in my opinion, the brilliance of Paperform. You can embed user inputs seamlessly into an engaging copy. It is still a form design app in essence but executed in a different way.
@writerpollock @cleavatron @typeform Certainly price-wise. $9 a month for 5 forms is the perfect pricepoint IMO. Typeform has gotten really pricey for what it is, and its ux hasn't really improved in the last 2-3 years (I used to be a paying user of theirs. Am no longer)
Wow thanks Adithya! We weren't expecting that :) Paperform is our new product for making beautiful forms online. We really wanted to recreate the way people make forms currently, as we found existing options to be too rigid. Creating forms with Paperform is as easy as writing a doc, and lets you write styled text, upload pictures and brand the form to your colors and fonts. We have built in question visibility logic (see https://paperform.co/example-logic for an idea of what we're talking about). There are a lot more exciting features coming up as well! UPDATE: We have removed the "Limited Branding" from all Pro forms due the fantastic response we've had to Paperform! See https://www.appsumo.com/paperform/ for a limited time deal :)
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Oh, and Paperform is made by myself and @DionysiaMcPherson! We're a husband & wife power couple based in Sydney, Australia
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@dean_mcpherson @dionysiamcpherson Congratulations on the product launch. Love a good power couple! :D
@dean_mcpherson just purchased the appsumo deal! thanks!
@dean_mcpherson do you guys support editable responses?
@vahen Nope, not at the moment 😊
This is one beautiful way of building custom forms with Stripe and Zapier integration. cc: @dean_mcpherson - Please tell us more about the product and the team behind. :-)
@adithya thank you so much! Really grateful for your support!
@dionymcpherson @dean_mcpherson Cheers! let your product and team grow :-)
@dionymcpherson @dean_mcpherson Hey, one quick question: What are reasons of not building an integration with IFTTT? Are you considering to build one? As an avid user of IFTTT 'platform', I prefer the simplicity of IFTTT over Zapier.
Hey @adithya it's definitely something we're considering! We have a lot of exciting features in the pipeline :)
This looks super cool! I hate building forms, and there hasn't been much innovation in years. Looking forward to trying it out πŸ™Œ
@jakeapeters Thanks Jake! We're really excited about it, hope Paperform makes building forms a much more enjoyable experience for you.
"..as beautiful as you" *blush* - thanks man.
@gopietz ;) So welcome.