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We're really excited to show off Gomix -- it's a combination of a browsable directory of apps & developer toolkits connected to a really slick in-browser IDE that allows multiple simultaneous users to edit the same file, and all of it gets automatically pushed live to cloud servers in the background. Perfect for tinkering with new APIs or frameworks that you want to learn. Node.js support for now, and more to come soon! (Folks with good memories might remember its earlier incarnation HyperDev: https://www.producthunt.com/post... )
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@anildash Cool app. Can't wait to try it.
@anildash looks great and promising. Like an IFTTT for apps :) What are your plans for paid subscriptions?
@anildash This is pretty cool. Way to go!
@leonelmore We're still working on that. While we'll always have some form of free plan, we'll be adding paid plans to unlock premium features or remove specific restrictions that we're unable to offer to all.
@_gw @leonelmore not worth paying for.
I'm supportive of anything that can help make app/product-creation more accessible. I also love the playful branding. @anildash / @spolsky - what happened with HyperDev?
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@rrhoover @spolsky Gomix is what HyperDev has evolved into (it's a rebranding plus upgraded features). We wanted to make it easier to get started and to emphasize the community aspects of collaborating and sharing code or ideas, and that's the biggest difference in becoming Gomix. Also, the name's a little friendlier for people who might not see themselves as "devs" but still want to make stuff.
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@anildash @spolsky got it! And congrats on the new role. Just read the news: Anil Dash is the new CEO of Fog Creek Software
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This looks super cool. Anything which allows non-devs to build stuff gets my vote :)
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Looking at how the demo looks just makes me want to touch it!
@bentossell you totally should!
@bentossell same here! Can't wait to build a bot with this.
Awesome. Built a new Alexa skill in no time!
@ichillidesign very cool, pleased to hear that Craig!