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Jack Dweck
Product Manager at Rakuten
This will be great for magic tricks. "Hey, look! I can make these Snapcards disappear!"
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
First the Ghostface Chillah Plushie, then a Snapchat Beach Towel, now a deck of playing cards. What's next, @evanspiegel? πŸ‘» And it's not just a deck of cards, but they made a Snapchat game out of it: --- How to play SnapKings: Sit around a table with friends and dump the cards in the middle! Have everyone take a Snap together, caption it "SnapKings," and add it to their Stories. Have one friend pick a card and follow these instructions. Then another friend picks. Happy Snapping! Ace - Waterfall - Everyone Snaps the person next to them, then adds to their Story. 2 - You - Tell a friend what face to make and Snap them. Add to your Story. 3 - Me - Snap yourself while making your grossest selfie face. Add to your Story. 4 - Score - Challenge one friend to see who has the higher Snapchat Score. The loser gets to send a Chat from the loser's phone to whomever they please. 5 - Guys - Girls get to pose the guys however they want for a Snap. Add to Story. 6 - Girls - Guys get to pose the girls however they want for a Snap. Add to Story. 7 - Heaven - Everyone throws their phone towards the heavens. Whoever throws the lowest must give their phone to a friend, lie on the floor, and let the friend Snap them. Add to your Story! 8 - Mate - Choose a mate and take the same Snap together, then add to both of your Stories. Anything you do from now on, your mate has to do with you. 9 - Rhyme - Bust a rhyme for a 10-second Snap. Add to your Story. 10 - Lens - Pick a Lens for everyone to use in a Snap. Add to Stories. Jack - Smack - Talk smack to a friend while recording a Snap of them. Add to Story. Queen - Question - Question a friend while recording a Snap of them. Add to Story. King - Make a rule - Whoever violates the rule must make the face you choose in every Snap for the rest of the game. Last King drawn - Everyone gets to pose you however they want for a Snap, and add it to their Stories. Joker - Pose the entire group however you want for a Snap. Add to your Story.
Phil NguyenThe Daily Water Cooler + Vettery
@rrhoover Wow @ #7. I foresee the old school unbreakable Nokia brick phone making a comeback.
@rrhoover @evanspiegel don't forget about that slick ice cube tray πŸ˜‰
NotAGuruSocial Media Mgr, ASU KED
@p_ngu lol good call! And you were right.
Greg Gilbert
I make products and run companies.
Super clever marketing. Love the creativity of Snapchat. Definitely one of my favorite startups these days (even though I'm not a huge user).
Elise RamsayHead of Community @ Eyegroove
So impressed. They are coming up with creative community ideas like no other right now!
Owen Williams
Building re:Charged.
I'm just sad they won't ship these to Europe :(
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