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November 22nd, 2016

The new Medium competitor: Telegraph šŸ“
The New Medium
Telegram, the wildly popular messaging app founded by the Russian Durov brothers, just launched a publishing platform that looks quite similar to Medium.

Telegraph is open for everyone and doesn't require an account. Here's a preview of the editor in the GIF above (h/t Khaled Ipsum for the šŸ”‘'s).
2016 is quickly coming to an end. Lets look back at the most upvoted comment and 5 most upvoted products so far:

1. Startup Pitch DecksĀ (3,892 upvotes)
2. Good Email CopyĀ (3,734 upvotes)
3.Ā Tesla Model 3Ā (3,501 upvotes)
4.Ā PrismaĀ (3,487 upvotes)
5.Ā Stripe AtlasĀ (3,356 upvotes)