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David Stefanides — UI/UX Designer, Previously at Avocode
Thanks @mutlu82 for hunting! 🖐

Back in 2014, we started Mockuuups by publishing one simple free package. Since then, we've prepared hundreds of mockups, worked on a couple of interesting side-projects such as Bots UI Kit or Hollywood Mockuuups and also prepared a bunch of custom resources for clients like LiveBeacon.

Mockuuups Studio is free macOS & Windows app that lets you work with mockups no matter if you’re designer or not. App is packed with everything you need to create product mockups, outstanding marketing materials, even visual content for social media or blog posts.

Premium version comes with monthly content updates covering new devices and scenes guided by your ideas. Also, we’ve prepared handy integration for Sketch & Photoshop.

Simply drag & drop to get a preview on hundreds of mockups 👌

Or import from your favourite design tool 😎

Enjoy! :)
Vlastimil Fišer — Freelance Front-End & iOS developer
Hi guys, I'm surprised how easy I can use my design with your mockups and how much you are saving my hours! Thank you - worth app for everyday use. ;)
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