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This team is going places. Guaranteed.
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@mikiarlo3 @hilzfuld is the CEO skipping the army?
Hello Guys! We believe the world based on connections, and that the innovation in the following decade will be based on software that can talk to another software. We are happy to announce the word's biggest open source API marketplace allows developers to discover, test and connect to any API in the world. Let me know what do you think! #GoRapid
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@mickey_haslavsky this is amazing. Nice work, guys!
@mickey_haslavsky - Amazing team and product - #gorapid !
@mickey_haslavsky the best open source API platform by far for a non-technical founder like me. Great job 🙌
@binionaire Thanks MAN! Happy to hear!
Just learned this company is led by 18-year-old CEO, @iddojg, from Israel and backed by a16z and other top firms. Impressive. h/t @cookie on TechCrunch.
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@rrhoover @iddojg @cookie Thanks Ryan! :) We love your platform so much.
Those guys are gonna reach you! : ]
Fantastic platform!