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Looka (formerly Logojoy) is an AI-powered platform that helps you bring your brand to life with beautiful design, including logos, business cards, websites, and more.

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@dawson_whitfield That's actually a nice iteration for the brand. I tried it, and I love your product as an inspiration tool. Probably wouldn't pay for any of these logos at that price point though, TBH. Given that they're computer-generated, I wouldn't pay more than $10 (just below the cost of the time it would take me to recreate what I like in Photoshop or Illustrator). Still, I love the way you display each option so that users can see how the logo would look in the real world.
@msitver thank you! Yeah, it's interesting how the perceived value is less because they're computer-generated logos. Wonder if there's any way to mitigate that.
@dawson_whitfield I don't know if there's anything that could sway me to pay more, particularly given the existence of sites like 48Hourslogo.
@dawson_whitfield @msitver No, perceived value does not necessarily have to be less. But the price does, because your turnover increased. Since you can increase your profit by either increasing the margin xor increasing the turnover. That's the beauty of automation, consumers get lower prices, the owner gets higher profit.
@dawson_whitfield looks like this link is broken. I tried https as well but it doesn't display the logo.
Thanks @chrismessina! Hey everyone. I built Logojoy to make it a breeze for anyone to create a simple, good looking logo - whether it’s for their business, blog, or even club. Logojoy is a new kind of logo maker. By using machine learning, genetic algorithms, and a few other fancy technologies, we’re empowering everyone to design their own logo. What makes us different is our design rules, user friendly interface, and premium design ingredients. Logojoy has about a thousand design rules built into it’s algorithm - for example ‘Thin fonts need to be a darker color, or else they will be too hard to read’. Beyond that, we have 10x more premium fonts than any competitor, designer colors, and 550k+ symbols. Eventually we hope to become the “world’s most experienced designer” as Logojoy learns what customers like over time. I'll be here all day to answer questions.
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That's not how you design a logo. A logo, if you want to be serious about this, should be a visual expression of the core values of your brand. Anything delivered by a machine might well be visually appealing, but in the end it's just visual pollution, with no meaning behind it.
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@andreasduess I totally agree, a logo is a visual representation of your values and how you want to be perceived. However, it's important to note that the machine (Logojoy) is just doing the work for the user. It's the founder that is making the decisions re: inspiration, colors, fonts, symbols, etc. I would argue that a business owner, armed with the right tools, is a better person to create a logo vs. a designer, as a business owner has a much more profound vision for their business.
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@andreasduess could you explain to me how does a "P" inside an orange circle describes the core values of producthunt, or an "f" inside a blue square the values of facebook? Because I think a lot of people confuse the concepts of aesthetics and artistry, and some even the difference between a logo and a tagline.
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@dawson_whitfield then you're hiring the wrong designer. What you're saying is that a patient, armed with the right tools, is a better person to cure himself than a doctor.
@leanshot Cleanliness, simplicity, single minded focus.
@andreasduess I think we both know that designing a simple logo is different than diagnosing and curing a disease :) What I'm saying is a lot of people just want a simple, good looking logo that's memorable and they feel proud to show the world - and as @leanshot mentioned, you don't always need to invest a lot into that.
I dont see how this is any different from any other bad logo generator.. sorry.. same principle; type in name, select stuff you like and get crappy recommendations that are far off what you picked. 70% of the logos are just different fonts, and 20% are different fonts with the first letter above, 5% with an icon before logo and 5% with some random art/shapes around the logo..
@lasserafn appreciate your input. We're definitely early and aware of our limitations. Let me try and explain why we think we're better than the other guys re: the issues you mentioned: 1. Crappy recommendations - We show you unlimited recommendations, and get smarter as you favorite certain ones. Other logo makers only show you a limited amount and do not learn. We also have more customizable options than any other logo maker. 2. 70% are just fonts - 70% of real logos being used in the world today are just fonts. Unlike other logo makers, we're embracing that fact, which is why we have 550+ premium typefaces, all tagged and categorized with an interface that's optimized to find the perfect typeface. 3. 20% are fonts with the first letter above - I would try adding symbols to the generator if you haven't. If you don't add symbols, we'll use the first letter for all of the mockups. Also - I would highly recommend trying it on desktop, as we don't officially support it on mobile.
@dawson_whitfield Dont take this the wrong way, it's not like Im saying that your product is bad, it's just that it's.. pretty much the same results that all other services provide (and similar results the more results you load) 1. They may not be crappy.. but when I go through a flow that should make the results returned fit my personal style, I think it would be neat if it actually matched those recommendations. Some might like the results, but I liked the logos I selected in the start, so why is the style so very different? You're right that this is (probably) unlimited logos (I kept scrolling but suddenly it stopped returning anything; I imagine it was an error) However when they're so similar I don't think its worth much. 2. Sorry for the percentages, they are made up, just as yours - of cause. I have no problem with font-only icons, most of my brand logos are text-based, but they're not just a font at random.. There may be premium fonts, but most of what I see is generic, grafitti and even Disney fonts. Maybe I just selected the totally wrong logos in step 1.. Idk.. Maybe I should spend more time finding the fonts? How do I even do that.. Can't find any options.. Maybe I have to select a logo first?. I feel that I would have better results just launching Sketch, writing my brand name and switching between some fonts... 3. I did add 5 symbols. I tried on Desktop. Same results (of cause) again, not saying your product is bad or that its all wrong.. I imagine someone (that is not a designer) would find it useful, and I could easily use it for placeholder logos.. But I haven't found any that I would actually use, and I did 3 rounds with same brand, with different styles, symbols and colors. I have added 2 favourites because those were the only *useful* options. — Update, mid comment — I just tried clicking a logo that I favourited, and I like that you can customise that much. THAT part is indeed useful. It's a bit slow, and the "Layout" tab does not load. Has some minor bugs and stuff but that part is indeed useful. The logo generation, not so much. At least not my results, it felt like I was just scrolling through the same 10 logos (with slight variations)
@dawson_whitfield Again, please do not misunderstand me. The site is nice and product, but I think that the generation of logos needs some work, or maybe it's just me whos in the wrong.. Video of one of my tests:
Again, I added a few to favourites, they were quite nice (And I could probably imagine using them; they're pretty close to the current) and I don't expect the results to be perfect, that would be insane to expect. But in general, the results are quite poor.. And this was my third demo.
@lasserafn Thank you so much for the explanation and video - this is why I love PH. I agree the results are varied. The algorithm has a long way to go. A lot of people I've talked to use the initial 'generator' stage for inspiration, and then spend most of their time fine-tuning logos. We are planning on adding more layout variations to this step, so the logos don't look so similar. I think we're at the stage right now where the generator is almost operating as a brainstorming tool, putting forward tons of ideas, leaving a lot of the 'work' to be done once you've clicked into a logo. Once we add more layouts and logo styles, I think the initial generator will get a lot closer to the inspiration you selected. Again, thanks for the feedback and feel free to send any more feedback: dawson at logojoy dot com
Cool concept, but at $65 I'd recommend using Fiverr every time.