A guide to building the SaaS features that enterprises love.

EnterpriseReady is a guide to building the features that enterprises love. Each feature is broken down, so you know why it's important and how to start implementing it. Start reading the guides that have been recommended by Hiten Shah, Steve Blank, Alexis Ohanian Sr., and many more.

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Thanks @mojombo! We created EnterpriseReady for the people who build SaaS products (think founders, product managers, engineers) as a way to shift the enterprise software narrative from "how to SELL to enterprises" to "how to BUILD for enterprises". We spent time reviewing the pricing plans of popular SaaS companies to find the common features they use differentiate their Enterprise plans from their Standard plans. We analyzed the specific feature implementations done by the leading SaaS applications and prepared breakdowns of the high & low points. Next, we conducted interviews with CIOs & security leads at a variety of larger enterprises to ensure that these features are indeed what they're looking for. Along the way we were constantly sharing our discoveries with other SaaS founders and working their feedback back into the guides. We open sourced & creative commons'ed the content as a way to accept contributions from the community at large (thanks to @reinpk and the team at Segment for already contributing the Integrations section). Ultimately, we hope this serves as a resource for all stake holders (customers, sales, marketing, product, engineering) to create a common vernacular about the features required to speed adoption of software within the enterprise.
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If you're thinking about selling your SaaS product to enterprise businesses, the EnterpriseReady site is the best place to start getting your head around what that actually means. The hardest part of approaching The Enterprise is understanding what features and services they expect to see as part of your product. Save yourself a thousand hours of doubt and simply read this site instead. As I learned from G.I.Joe: knowing is half the battle. I'm an advisor and investor in Replicated specifically because they care about making your life easier when it comes to understanding and implementing everything necessary to make the transition to enterprise software a successful one. This site is just another way they're making good on that promise.
@mojombo Thanks Tom! You definitely helped put us on to many of these ideas. The stuff you guys did at GitHub was so focused on ensuring a great product experience for all those involved that it's been a huge inspiration for us at Replicated. This guide hopefully captures some of that knowledge that you passed down to us for the rest of the world to learn from.
@mojombo @grantm this is flat-out AWESOME. I wish I had this years ago. As a startup making the transition to enterprise sales there are so many questions marks that this answers. I'd like to know if there are any other feature categories that are missing. It would be great to see a similar site built specifically for EdTech
@tombielecki @mojombo awesome, so glad you like it... we put a bit of effort into it :) Interesting to think about it from a vertical perspective... healthcare, education, industrial, financial... you're right in that there are probably many differences in the deeper requirements.
@grantm certifications alone are something that a lot of people have no idea about in those verticals (think Hardware too!)
This is a great guide! Having just went through setting up a switch to Enterprise selling, this would have been insanely helpful. I'm in the consumer (or small business mindset), and have a hard time putting myself in the shoes of larger companies and figuring out what features they want – for example, I never would have thought of Audit Logs as being important. Great job!
@gkoberger Thanks Greg, you're exactly the type of product-focused founder we had in mind when we were writing this guide. I think one of the biggest issues with dealing with enterprise customers is just making sure that we're talking about the same things. We generally live in such different worlds (startup vs big co) that we each have a skewed frame of reference. We hope that this guide can serve as a jumping off point for those conversations.
This is such a great content experience. Super useful for any company wanting to break into the enterprise.
Hey great guide :)