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Adrien Montcoudiol — Mangrove cofounder
Hi guys!

Here's a slick website useful for anyone interested in digital nomadism (traveling around the world & working online at the same time).

I really like how it combines resources for mindfulness or inspiration (Into the Wild 🙏) with really practical tools for productivity & freelance gigs!

Built by 5 nomads from the Mangrove community: @mxbraud, @olivierthms, @adrienjoly, @wenyu_zhang & @tchret 🙌
Maxime Braud — Cofounder, Mangrove
@adrienm Thanks for hunting us my friend!
The team has been working on this from SF, Paris and Chiang Mai 🌎
I hope it will help people in their quest of the perfect nomad life :)
@adrienm Thanks man for hunting! 🏄
Thomas Chrétien — Building artefacts
Interesting collaboration with @olivierthms @adrienjoly @wenyu_zhang and 🇸🇪 @mxbraud 🇸🇪
Adrien JOLY — Web developer + JS teacher.
Thanks for hunting, @adrienm! I'm glad that you like it! It was fun to make!
Rodolphe Dutel — BizDev @ Buffer & Founder @
@adrienm @mxbraud @olivierthms @adrienjoly @wenyu_zhang @tchret Exciting to see a new set of nomads being published, well done team!
You guys are killing it.
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