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#2 Product of the WeekNovember 23, 2016
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Was not expecting this, and very similar looking to Medium with its minimal UI. πŸ’• the name. I just pasted my most recent blog post. Here it is.
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@coryboatright nice reply πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
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@rrhoover @coryboatright Thanks for a great post, there, your idea of checking out ! Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)
@rrhoover wow I love the post
@rrhoover Post looks very satisfying, both content and UI wise. πŸ™πŸ½
Just tried it out. Love: - the simplicity Would like: - a way of "owning" my articles - verifying that an author is actually the author
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@mijustin Exactly what I was thinking.
@mijustin is it possible that the point of this medium is to create lengthier pieces of content than would fit in a regular chat message, then link to to from within your chat medium? If so, then what establishes it as "yours" is your chat message that links to it (and supported by your name on the author field).
@mijustin ownership is coming soon. You'll auth with your telegram account.
@mijustin Seems essential to me.
@mijustin @chrismessina in other words, I suspect telegraph is meant primarily to be used as a direct complement to telegram, as a means of better managing longer-form content while integrating cleanly
Whoa. @Telegram just launched a tiny editor-competitor to Medium (the UI is clearly derivative of Medium) called (great domain). Fascinating! (You might also compare this with Slack's Post feature, except this is public-to-the-web. Here's a sample. For folks wondering about the comparison to Medium, here's how Medium's new story editor looks: Compared with Telegraph's: Are they the same? No. Are they similar? YES. Even the commented-out editor buttons come right from Medium: So far, the comparison goes skin deep, and not much deeper. Telegraph is more like a Medium-styled Pastebin, which is anonymous for now, but will eventually add authentication via Telegram so you can save your stories.
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@chrismessina @telegram ... Is this just the beginning of how "longer tweets" might look.
@as_austin ironically not built by Twitter.
People are really dumb to compare it to Medium. Completely missing the point. It is a minimalist stylish pastebin. Minimalist should not equal Medium. Some points: 1. Verification of authors can come from signed content using PGP and verification by end users who have their public key (which has always worked since PGP existed). 2. Great use case is journalists or activists under pen name in banned locations could post here without fear of retribution. 3. It needs a basic search index (and may already have one hidden somewhere).
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@jamescampbell I think the comparison to Medium comes more from the way it looks, rather than the way it works. You do make a good point and use case. Again, it all comes back to having a free, secure, and open platform to communicate, and in this case, spread a bigger message.
Unless I'm missing something, if you forget the URL for your post, you just can't edit it?
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@nicksimard they'll be adding auth with your telegram account soon but for now, yes.
@chrismessina Ah, perfect. Thanks for the info :)