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Our mission at Front is to help people communicate better. Usually, it means building the best communication software possible, but today we’re doing something different. We’re releasing a collection of emails that we think have great copy, so the PH community can get inspiration for their own communication. I know a few initiatives similar to this one were launched recently but I guess: 1. you never have too many examples 2. our approach is really focused on the copy, not the design of the emails.That’s why it’s plain text: easy to search, easy to copy and paste the content and adapt it to your own “style” :) Looking forward to your feedback/suggestions!
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@collinmathilde cool collection of emails what 'checklist' do you have for email copy making it to your list?
@bentossell thanks Ben! we're looking for emails that are simple, short, no boiler plate (sometimes with light humor, sometimes just very sincere, etc.)
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@collinmathilde Awesome! Definitely inspiring! Are you going to keep adding examples?! What can we expect from Front in the upcoming months?!
@isss111 yes we'll keep adding examples! you can know what we're up to by looking at our public roadmap: frontapp.com/roadmap :)
@collinmathilde Love it! I'm fascinated by companies that build products in public! I can imagine that publishing your roadmap to the public is a big (maybe scary) step! What has been the impact of this to the company? And to you personally?!
Super useful. @whale's Really Good Emails is also a great resource.
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@rrhoover We like to think so! We recently added live views so you can see how people built emails as well.
Great collection and bookmarked. Front always on front !
This is just AWESOME. Thanks for sharing guys :)
As a writer I find this to be an interesting concept. Mathilde, can you tell me are there any criteria you use to determine what's "great" copy? To me, a lot of the examples on the page felt pretty standard. But I like the concept of what you're trying to do. I would suggest taking a look at some brands who go way out there... J. Peterman would be a great one to start with. Excellent storytelling. Thanks.