Would you pay for "Twitter Blue"?

Gabe Perez
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Twitter's paid subscription has been confirmed. At $2.99/month it includes features such as · Collections · Reader Mode · Color Themes · Custom App Icons AND AN UNDO BUTTON! (https://twitter.com/i/status/136...) Would you pay to undo?


Gabe Perez
I feel like the feel is low enough and the tools I get could help me do my work more efficiently that it's worth the cost. If I don't see any benefit after the first couple of months can always unsub :)
Miriam Dorsett
I will not be paying for this....I'm barely getting going with my Twitter 😅 I would take the poll but I feel bad clicking "hard pass" lol
Sven "Locomotive"
I don't feel like it's worth it, I barely see the point of it actually
Fajar Siddiq
Maybe i will try first
Natalie Dunn
While these features sound cool, I wouldn't pay for them. Also, I think that Twitter shouldn't force users to pay premium to undo Tweets, and it should be a free feature.
Akash Devaraj
I would definitely not pay, all these features are so basic and should be available free of cost ! I don't get the point of making more profit by a billion dollar company...
ahad rehman sojol
Twitter has a new $3-a-month subscription service called Twitter Blue, which adds an 'undo tweet' button. Twitter's new subscription service, Twitter Blue, will cost $3 a month. It reportedly comes with an "undo tweet" button, color themes, and a "reader mode" for threads. I will not be paying for this 😅
Rob Gabel
I would not pay for these features. I would, however, pay for removal of ads and a default option to only view tweets from verified accounts to hide all the bots and spam
Fabian Maume
Twitter deck would be a more reasonable feature to monetise.