Why are startups from Belarus becoming successful and famous all over the world?

Sergei Timoshenko
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Alice Rodgers
Talented and hardworking founders)
Ruben Wolff
Are they? Which ones are?
Sergei Timoshenko
@rubenwolff For example, MSQRD, Vochi, Kino-Mo, Viber, PandaDoc
Julia Doronina
They have a great community in Belarus and networking!
Julia Doronina
And I think that they always make not a local products for citizens but for the global market, trying to orient on foreigners to cover more potential customers and get a faster traction.
Anna Kuzma
In my mind there are several reasons for that: 1. Incredible hard-working people 2. Educational system 3. Good level of English 4. Orientation on the foreign global market 5. Big community of IT specialists 6. Strong outsourcing background and understanding of foreign markets 7. Presence of foreign investors Among famous start-ups I can mention PandaDoc , Maps.me Viber 10 OneSoil Map Flo, Synesis Group, Fibery, UseResponse You could also have heard of World of Tanks game, it also comes from Belarus