What country do you want to visit and why?

Sergei Timoshenko
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Arpit Mishra
Mongolia, for sheer natural beauty & traditional way of nomadic life.
Surender Singh
Afghanistan. I like to think of myself as a geopolitics nerd. Would love to see firsthand the historic events unfolding there these days.
Surender Singh
@sergei_timoshenko Well, statistically start-ups are also risky, we all still doing it. :D. What is life without a little risk.
Nola Leonidas
Australia but for why not thought. onevanilla
Sergei Timoshenko
@robert5507 Perhaps you just like kangaroos? :)
Julia Doronina
Norway, and go hiking!
Julia Doronina
@sergei_timoshenko of course, I want to visit The troll path!
Sergei Timoshenko
@julia_demyanchuk Hiking is definitely not my choice! Apparently, I'm too old! :)
Julia Doronina
@sergei_timoshenko hahaha, but you can choose not a difficult path
Sergei Timoshenko
@julia_demyanchuk Yes, you are absolutely right. It's a great idea! But perhaps I'll choose warm sand on a beach :)
Gleb Braverman
As many countries as possible!
Sergei Timoshenko
@gleb_braverman Yes, great idea! But which country would you start your trip from?
Gleb Braverman
@sergei_timoshenko somewhere from europe - very easy to get to almost anywhere in the world. Let's say Paris or Berlin
Sergei Timoshenko
@gleb_braverman Now, due to the pandemic, this is not so easy to do :(
Dawn Veltri
I have a long list but Iceland is at the top. My brother went a few years ago and I was a wee bit jealous when I saw all his amazing pictures.
Sergei Timoshenko
@dawn_veltri1 What was his fovourite place in Iceland?
Ezzat Suhaime
Italy. I want to visit what was once the Roman Empire.
Sergei Timoshenko
@ezzat Great choice!!! This is my favorite country.
Linda Liepa
Chile - I'm fascinated by fjords. I have seen fjords in Norway and New Zealand and I want to see Chilean ones as well.
Abel G. weldu
Italy: Florentine steak. :)
Sergei Timoshenko
@abel_product I have been to Florence several times! The steak is one of the main attractions of this city! :)
Cica-Laure Mbappé
China. I studied Mandarin for 5 years and I've never been able to speak.
USA, and especially New York - it's my dream
Sergei Timoshenko
@soylakate I wish you to make your dream come true.
Karina Skrinnik
I dream to visit New York, feel the atmosphere of this city that never sleeps and see skyscrapers for myself
Sergei Timoshenko
@karina_skrinnik I was in New York. It seemed to me that this city finds time to sleep :)
Frédéric Martin
New Guinea. Off the beaten track to some uniquely preserved nature
Nihal Bhushan
New Zealand, for the untouched and pristine nature. And a few Adrenaline rush activities like bungee jump.