Do you have a dog? What breed? Why this particular breed?

Sergei Timoshenko
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Misha Krunic
We have a dog in the backyard of the company. No special breed, just a good old doggo having fun with the employees.
Sergei Timoshenko
@price2spy I agree! A dog doesn't have to be purebred for you to love it.
Julia Doronina
I have! Mittelschnauzer!
Preeti Chovoor
I don't have a dog but I really want a Rottweiler or a Husky. I've loved Rottweilers ever since I was little because of how loving they are and Huskies are just too funny when they talk back.
Sergei Timoshenko
@preeti_chovoor Husky need a lot of snow or they get sad!
Nick Bess
I have a Cane Corso. Great breed. If you like bigger dogs, I highly recommend it.
Taylor Swift
I have a wonderful Labrador Retriever! I chose this breed for their friendly nature and intelligence. Labs make fantastic companions. ๐Ÿพ By the way, if your furry friend deals with allergies, I highly recommend to buy apoquel for dogs canada. It's been a game-changer for my dog's well-being