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  • John McTavish
    John McTavishConstant Forward Motion






    Route to can be a bit slow in offline mode

    Often Prompts to use data when in offline mode

    I use to follow routes by bicycle that I create in Strava's route builder. Have crossed the US and used it throughout Europe. Great that I can add info to places I find along the way. Run it in airplane mode to get the most from your battery life and navigate through areas without data coverage.

    Tried some other options but always come back to this.

    John McTavish has used this product for one year.
  • Stewart Alexander

    No need for cell, uses Open Street Maps, point to point navigation


    Relies on open street map, which you can edit, but if the POI doesn't exis in OSM, you can't navigate to it

    I use this routinely, and as I am on Open Street Map editor, I have added hundreds of way points to areas I ususally visit

    Stewart Alexander has used this product for one year.
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Bastian Ernst
Bastian Ernst@bastian_ernst
I tried many different offline maps during my 7 months Asia trip, and this app actually works!! It never disappointed me! big like:)
Kevin William David
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kevin · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Launched in 2011, relies on crowd-sourced information to update its map, which you can download and use for free even when offline. gets its information from OpenStreetMap, the open-source mapping project that counts about 1.8 million people as contributing members. Any country, any place, from the largest cities to small villages, at your fingertips. Discover thousands of POI (points of interest). Offline Search is possible. Locate where you are with GPS positioning and compass.When it is on, the map automatically orients itself to the direction you are moving. was acquired by Russia’s Mail.Ru last year.
Balaji Ramamurthy
Balaji Ramamurthy@objective_b · PM, Practo. Previously PM at Freshdesk.
Maps.Me is *THE* thing! So useful and simple. This is the best offline mapping/routing solution I've ever used on the iPhone.
Ben Lang
Ben Lang@benln · Shipping
Good stuff! Another cool, map related tool (shameless plug) We built it so that organizations can leverage maps without any coding.
Natasha Kostukevich
Natasha Kostukevich@natasha_kostukevich · Customer care ninja
Of all offline maps, this app really is the best helper to explore the unknown. The best part for me is its focus on user-generated content, cause it allows to find all kind of places and objects, and pin them to build an exploration root