What tools do you use to improve your SEO?

Julia Doronina
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Julia Doronina
Sometimes I use Semrush to check the keywords and positions. What additional tools can you recommend?
Siddhesh Lokare
Keyword Explorer by Moz for keywords. UberSuggest’s Competitive Analysis for competitive analysis Peppertype.ai for auto-generated content and highly engaging copies.
Dev Chaudhary
keyword everywhere, Ahref, Semrush, schema tool, Copyscape, multiple auditor tools (neil patel seo analyzer, seobility, ) These are few tools that I am using to improve the SEO of our business....
Pradeep Kumar M
Julia, I'm using semrush for keyword analysis and doing a full audit of the website. Also, I have used Ahrefs sometime back for the same stuff, Moz chrome extension for DA checker. Snov.io and reply.io for backlink approach.
ahrefs for keywords analysis
Tuğçe Içözü
In addition to @siddhesh_lokare1 's suggestions, Yoast SEO Plug-In for WordPress really makes a difference!
Tuğçe Içözü
@simplytedel what would you recommend instead?
@tugce_icozu It depends on the case. Your online marketing consultant should be able to suggest you the best alternative for you. Speaking very, VERY broadly, you may want to take a look at Ghost if you want a blog, at Spree or Magento if you want an ecommerce, and at Jekyll, Publii or Hugo if you want a smaill business website. WordPress was good in the 2000 decade. 20 years later, I know it is very popular because it is easy to install; but truth is it is made with old technology (PHP), it is hard to maintain (specially if you mix plugins) and too prone to security issues for my taste. There are much better options out there.
Kevin Offret
Hum, im french but I use Yoast Seo, Majestic, Neilpatel Ubbersuggest, semrush. You need a tool for you netlinking and Majestic is perfect for that ;)
Kevin Offret
Semrush is expensive, but you can take this tool with other business-friends or just friends :)
Julia Doronina
@56_kev wow, a great advice! Yes, it seems that their tariff plans not for early stage startups 😅
Vinnie Tran
I use Ahreft and Google Search Console to - Research new keywords - Research competitors - Analyze current keyword and do the audit - and so on I can do with these tools
Derek Duban
I bought a lifetime subscription to Ubersuggest when they offered it. I also have a Chrome plugin called "CheckBot" which is super helpful too. I find though, that since the site for which I'm using these is more of a gallery than a .... other kind of site ... I get too many "thin content" warnings. I think this is grossly inappropriate when the purpose of these single pages is to show one picture with a label. I suspect that google knows this, but the seo tools do not because my single pages rank almost immediately after posting.
Currently using Ahrefs for competitor backlink analysis and keyword research, rank math pro for wordpress to further tweak things. Hope this helps :)
- Ahrefs in combination with Semrush. - Yoast WordPress plugin for my blog posts. - Google search console to track performance. - Ubersuggest for keyword ideas.
Samuel Pigny
I'm using serpivore.com to track 130,000 keywords per day (those keywords are "brand product" names). That does not replace Ahrefs, Moz or Semrush, but for small budget (starting $4/month for 100 daily keywords) or products databases websites, it's a great way to track the results of your SEO actions on many keywords and see the bigger picture.
thanks for creating this thread, been on the hunt for useful tools as well while looking to finish up the work on my upcoming product launch and the answers in this thread are a godsend! Been mainly relying on Semrush so far.
I only use free services: - Google Search Console, Ads and Alerts - Bing Webmaster Toolbox and its link tool.
Jason Grills
Ahrefs Semrush Surfer seo Reply.io Yoast (quite helpful must say) Google Analytics And yes, Ubersuggest
Evan Smith
I primarily rely on a combination of Google Analytics to track website performance and identify areas for enhancement, followed by Google's Keyword Planner to research relevant keywords. Additionally, I utilize Moz's tools for comprehensive SEO analysis and Ahrefs for backlink research and competitor analysis. These tools collectively assist me in refining my SEO strategies effectively. By the way, I've been utilizing SEMrush to optimize my client's site (https://prishainvestments.com) recently and have seen some promising results.