Product Hunt crashed today, in 1 hour after our launch 😅😢 We need your support to recover 🙌

Julia Doronina
21 replies


Nishith from True Sparrow
Wow! You broke PH! 😂 Jokes aside. I provided feedback. Cheers! Rooting for you. :)
Benoit Chambon
Done Julia, congrats on the launch!
Gabriele Sangrigoli
Oh gosh, sounds awful HERE I COME
Anna Kuzma
+1 good luck with the launch! Great tool!
Imtiyaz -
Done :) and Congrats on the launch!
Stefan Smiljkovic
Supported. By the way, the video didn't explain how we are going to track sales. I think that should be important to know.
Dmitry Chourpo
Wish you well recovery :)
Just dropped a comment - looks like a great product signing up now :)
Daniel Baum
Got your back Julia!