What is your main goal for this new year?

Julia Doronina
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Ivan Vorobyev
One of my main goals for 2022 is to start actively exploring marketing. It's a great way to monetize, because many companies like to use Influencers to promote their products. I love the fact that many people have achieved success in this field while they have studied material on their own, read all you can books as well, and there is also a lot of audio content, such as podcasts.
Nir Zavaro
@cjlab9ihih have fun with marketing, meet people, help them. you would be surprised how much it works...
Ivan Vorobyev
@nir_zavaro , Yes, you are absolutely right, I already wonder how limited my knowledge and communication used to be
Make video game, make pixel art and make my first tutorial on youtube! What about you?
Julia Doronina
@jacquelinclem great plan! Good luck! I want to scale my startup and increase the number of users.
Nir Zavaro
@shushanik_shahbazyan cool, good luck. i'm work with many startups and accelerators on that. if you need anything, hit me up on Twitter...
Alexey Shashkov
Build a useful self-serve SaaS product for product people that solve an important problem.
Daniel Diosi
I want to maintain my 6 packs and run a marathon. Otherwise I would be happy to see my market research company overtaking some of our current competitors.
Tanoy Chowdhury
To be a better version of myself. That's all!
Minal Joshi Jaeckli
Grow my business and help lots of people with what I've built.✌️ What's yours Julia?
Julia Doronina
@minal_at_openelevator 💪 As for me, I want to launch my new own startup, but I still don't know what it will be 😅
Dawn Veltri
@minal_at_openelevator Share what you've built! I want to check it out.
Minal Joshi Jaeckli
@dawn_veltri1 That's so nice of you Dawn to ask!! What I built? A platform to help employers build their best high-performing teams. Specifically, employers can know within minutes how easily they and their existing team will work with a potential candidate, leveraging a 2-sided data-driven bias-free approach... 🤓 yeah that's a mouthful. Bottomline > higher productivity for the team and better quality of life for the individuals. Here's the link > https://openelevator.com Why I built? I kept meeting people who hated their jobs/bosses/companies and then found myself feeling the same. So I got obsessed with cracking the code on what delivers happiness/job satisfaction/engagement. Turns out it can be modelled, easily, repeatably, accurately🤯 - so I built it. If you've got a team and would like to try how quickly and accurately it nails your existing collaboration, &/or if you're hiring and want to bring on the right person, reach out. I'd be so happy to help you. What about you? I see you wrote you want to be a better version of yourself... what does that mean?
Dawn Veltri
@minal_at_openelevator Minal, this seriously looks amazing. I can definitely see a need for it. Our team is so tight here, we're worried about new hires being the right fit. We'll check it out! As for being a better version of myself - I only compete with myself and start out each day with the goal of being better than I was the day before. I do that with routines and habits that help me reach my goals.
Sidhdharth Sivasubramanian
The main goal is to launch two products that have been in the idea since last year. Already on my way to the MVP.
Vikulya Tarasova
Making Business Work )))
David J. Kim
To really make one person fall in love with Between. (first month). But for the rest of the year, our goal is to build something that makes a 100 companies better places to work.
Launch a business and bootstrap it: https://greenera.earth
Jack Johnes
Good day to all. My most important goal for 2022 is development in the field of marketing and management, as well as a couple of cool travels around the world. A little desire is development in gaming. I've started playing quite a lot of PC lately, find cool games on https://romsify.com/ and then hang out for a few hours. This is exactly what helps me to relax. I think that all goals will definitely be met :)
Well, my main goal for this new year is traveling - in the last couple of years I've stayed at home way to much. Been thinking about new adventures and how to combine them with remote working.
@ya1r @julia_demyanchuk That's a great goal! new adventures are very much needed. My goal is to work on improving our app that helps travellers organize all their travel documents in one place...would love to hear any traveller's feedback :) www.voiaje.com
Jaskiran Kaur
To learn and have growth career-wise.
Rachel Levitz
Taking time to learn more skill unrelated to my field of work and swimming everyday. Although, we just launched Amy today so we're going to have a lot on out plate!
@rachel_levitz That's a nice goal, new skills always help in broadening our horizon, which eventually help in all aspects of life. Congratulations on the launch! you have a really great product
Rucha Joshi
I have three 😄 - Do more volunteer work - Create more games and add features for one of our products - Thursday - Get active beta users for Listener so we can iterate onto the next version
Emanuele Caldari
One of my desire is to work on reducing economic inequalities in the world. Simply because it is at the root of most of the people's problems and global stability. It is a problem that has a certain connection with my past and I believe that I will not give up until I have solved it.
Ankita kaudare
Main goal for 2022 is the give back to people who are dominating and speaking up for myself. and just do everything I get gut feeling for let it be crazy or lame.. so that i dont
Mahak from Outgrow
On a very personal level, I want to keep going forward without any regrets or preplans. I just want to surprise myself with random goals every day. I want to live every day as if it's last.