What is your plan for 2022? 🎄

Julia Demyanchuk
12 replies
Create a new startup
Upgrade the existing one
Just relax 😜


Stefan Smiljkovic
Visionary of Automatio.co
You mean for 2022? :D
Ira GI
Technology girl, software development
Marek Sotak
CEO, Inline Manual, Maker
Thank you, Julia, for a reminder that most of us are still living in denial that there was 2020 and 2021. 😅
Lusine Mkhitaryan
Growth hacker at Uteach
@sotak We are all remained there )))
Alexey Shashkov
Inspired product maker
Julia, I'm going to build my successful product as usually=)
Ondrej Dobias
Usetiful co-founder
I don't remember any 2020.
Professional online Tutor.
Sart agribusiness
Shivi Jalota
An enthusiast for marketing.
2020?? oh you mean 2021. I am still processing 2020 :p
Ira GI
Technology girl, software development
My team and I are planning several new projects related to the metaverse. :)
Ignacio Carmona
Upcoming projects :AirSIte,
in 2020 , maybe buy some btc when was 20k for one
Mohsen Kamrani
Founder @ dotenx.com
To tell myself you won't launch lunch even till 2021. Also can I borrow your time machine? ;)
I am an entrepreneur
develop ongoing business and look for other opportunities