What is your plan for 2022? 🎄

Julia Doronina
14 replies


Marek Sotak
Thank you, Julia, for a reminder that most of us are still living in denial that there was 2020 and 2021. 😅
Alexey Shashkov
Julia, I'm going to build my successful product as usually=)
Ondrej Dobias
I don't remember any 2020.
Sart agribusiness
Shivi Jalota
2020?? oh you mean 2021. I am still processing 2020 :p
Ira GI
My team and I are planning several new projects related to the metaverse. :)
Ignacio Carmona
in 2020 , maybe buy some btc when was 20k for one
Mohsen Kamrani
To tell myself you won't launch lunch even till 2021. Also can I borrow your time machine? ;)
develop ongoing business and look for other opportunities
Fred QI
Definitely keep going on with the current one! Please feel free to check out the product we just launched today (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) and we would definitely upvote, follow and support you too!