How to make a CustDev? Share your advice, please

Julia Doronina
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We are planning to make a CustDev but now we faced with the main point: where and how to find people for the interview?


Alexey Shashkov
Hey Julia. That's a really good question! 1. Michael Seibel (CEO of Y Combinator) says that it's a strange question because theoretically, you decide to solve a problem that you know someone has. And your way you get your users — as you talk to that person that you know has the problem. 2. If your potential users are on Product Hunt – find them here for the interview. In comments and discussions. 3. But the best way to do CustDev is to talk with existing users who already signed up for your product. You can write them an email in person with the request to chat. Example: Subject: Thoughts on LeaksID? Body: Hey, Alexey, I'm Julia, Growth marketer of LeaksID. One of the best things about building a product is talking to our users, so I'd love to hear from you. What made you sign up for LeaksID, and what do you think so far? Can we chat a little? Thanks, Julia
Lalit Tyagi
@shashcoffe Partly agree and partly not. Sometime user does have their own specific requirement for using product which might not be accepted widely. So we take suggestion and separate noise from real suggestion and then go ahead.
Klaus-M. Schremser
Hi Julia, our #1 source is still Linkedin. People are so helpful and you can segment them there. I heard there are some tools that help you with the sourcing of target personas there ;). But of course product hunt could be a great place for that too.
Lalit Tyagi
@kmschremser Can you tell me what is tool where we can target person in linkedin?