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#3 Product of the DayMay 03, 2016

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Rand Fishkin
Rand FishkinMaker@randfish · Wizard of Moz
Howdy ProductHunt gang! For the next 24 hours, we're offering a 15% discount on an annual Keyword Explorer subscription, exclusive to Product Hunt community members. You can go to to jump on it (15% off offer ends on 5/6/2016). And if you've got feedback about the tool; I'd love to hear from you. p.s. While you only get 2 free queries/day in the tool as a logged-out user, if you create a free Moz community account, you'll get 5 more/day.
Andreas Mitschke
Andreas Mitschke@andmitsch · I own a computer
@randfish suggestions seem good. Though, I still miss a better targeting option for different non-english speaking countries or results, so to say. There still is a huge lack of tools like this that give back highly relevant insights for markets like Germany. I end up receiving international data, which I can deduce from to approximate German keyword prospects, but never real German data.
Rand Fishkin
Rand FishkinMaker@randfish · Wizard of Moz
@andmitsch Yup. I hear you. Our suggestions outside of English aren't great yet. We'll need to add a keyword corpus language by language to get there. German is definitely high on our list though (as is Spanish).
Jonathan Gilde
Jonathan Gilde@jonathanhaus · Marketing Professional, BrightHaus
@randfish Just read the blog post and can't wait to use it with the team here! Thanks for continually putting out great content & tools!
Saijo George
Saijo George@saijogeorge · Digital Marketer
@randfish great work you guys. Will be testing it out soon.
Dave Guilford
Dave Guilford@daveguilford
@randfish Super cool! Great meeting you last week at Collision, too. Keep up the great work.
Hussein Yahfoufi
Hussein Yahfoufi@husseinyahfoufi · Family and Tech.
Moz rules. Still the most valuable resources and tools there are to help you grow
Shane Rice
Shane Rice@shanerice · Marketer, Wildbit
Long time Moz Pro subscriber here. Moz has been so instrumental in my journey as a marketer. I never intended to get into marketing, but when I needed to learn SEO their resources and blog were the places I knew I could trust. After kicking the tires with a few keyword searches I can see this is another great addition to their toolset. Great job y'all!
Rand Fishkin
Rand FishkinMaker@randfish · Wizard of Moz
@shanerice Thanks Shane! If there's any features you'd love to see added, please let us know.
Jordi Mon Companys
Jordi Mon Companys@mordodemaru · PM | Product Hunt Madrid
It's a nifty tool anyone can use to extract good insights on what people are looking for and, specially, how the are looking it up.
Yaniv Goldenberg
Yaniv Goldenberg@yanivgoldenberg · Head of Acquisition @Elemntor
An outstanding tool, highly recommended.