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Howdy ProductHunt gang! For the next 24 hours, we're offering a 15% discount on an annual Keyword Explorer subscription, exclusive to Product Hunt community members. You can go to http://mz.cm/kwePHpromo to jump on it (15% off offer ends on 5/6/2016). And if you've got feedback about the tool; I'd love to hear from you. p.s. While you only get 2 free queries/day in the tool as a logged-out user, if you create a free Moz community account, you'll get 5 more/day.
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@randfish suggestions seem good. Though, I still miss a better targeting option for different non-english speaking countries or results, so to say. There still is a huge lack of tools like this that give back highly relevant insights for markets like Germany. I end up receiving international data, which I can deduce from to approximate German keyword prospects, but never real German data.
@andmitsch Yup. I hear you. Our suggestions outside of English aren't great yet. We'll need to add a keyword corpus language by language to get there. German is definitely high on our list though (as is Spanish).
@randfish Just read the blog post and can't wait to use it with the team here! Thanks for continually putting out great content & tools!
@randfish great work you guys. Will be testing it out soon.
@randfish Super cool! Great meeting you last week at Collision, too. Keep up the great work.
Moz rules. Still the most valuable resources and tools there are to help you grow
Long time Moz Pro subscriber here. Moz has been so instrumental in my journey as a marketer. I never intended to get into marketing, but when I needed to learn SEO their resources and blog were the places I knew I could trust. After kicking the tires with a few keyword searches I can see this is another great addition to their toolset. Great job y'all!
@shanerice Thanks Shane! If there's any features you'd love to see added, please let us know.
It's a nifty tool anyone can use to extract good insights on what people are looking for and, specially, how the are looking it up.
An outstanding tool, highly recommended.