What do you recommend on Netflix?

Daniel Jacob
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Hey folks! I have got some vacations ahead and wanted to spend my time watching some cool stuff. What do you suggest?


Tom Brat
Alvin and the chipmunk
Daniel Jacob
@tombrat12 Interesting story for kids
Daniel Jacob
@almas_mano1 I have already watched it and I like it because it is a thriller and horror-filled movie
Daniel Jacob
@william_david12 Yes, it is an exciting story. Heard a lot about it
Sergio Zaciu
I'm an ex-filmmaker, film festival programmer, and journalist turned startup founder and I'm building an app to help you with this exact problem. :D Hit me up @szaciu on IG. In terms of recs, it depends on WHERE you are watching Netflix from and WHAT your taste is. Some things worth recommending that are available on Netflix where I am (Portugal): Uncut Gems, Midnight Mass, Squid Game, Marriage Story, Roma, Apollo 10 1/2, The Hand of God, I Care A Lot, Mank, and Windfall
Daniel Jacob
@szaciu Thanks for your valuable suggestions. It seems like you have good taste in this field.
Vivek Katial
Oo I have been binging Better Call Saul - kinda like Breaking Bad (slow to start) but gets SOO GOOD!
Camille Landau
not sure it's 'netflix' exactly (could be Hulu), but finding the series on founders (not necessarily well behaved) engaging and entertaining; best acting and production = The Drop Out (Theranos/Elizabeth Holmes), most 'guilty pleasure' = WeCrashed (on Apple+), and the Uber one (on Showtime?) mostly a miss...and yet, still entertaining
Binge Ghibli Movies!! Will definitely lift your mood up ☺
Kazimieras Melaika
The Office is amazing. Every single scene is memeable.. Really nice! If you already saw these series - do it again! :D Btw, we’re launching in late May. Check out our upcoming PH page: www.producthunt.com/upcoming/eff... Our project is called: Effecto. It’s an app for detailed habit, health, symptoms, and meds tracking. Pretty much for everything that is related to your physical or mental health and every daily factor that can affect you.
Eduardo RP
HOW TO RAISE A SUPERHERO is a very funny series that I started watching not long ago with the family. I recommend it ^^
Sanja Mitar
Just finished Casual (very interesting show about relationships, mental health and the cyclical nature of how environments affect people)
Julia Shandrokha
The Untamed. A Chinese fantasy series both dramatic and funny.
Vanshika Chaturvedi
I just finished watching Bridgerton and it is really great if you are a fan of period dramas. It is scandalous, dramatic, entertaining- everything you need in a light binge-worthy series PS: Lucifer has been my favourite (except season 3 where it got slightly boring)
Rich Watson
Ozark, peaky blinders, the last kingdom, umbrella academy, money heist, cobra kai (for all you karate kid fans), outer banks, 3%, the crown, vikings valhalla (prequel on hulu), barbaians, polar movies; adam project, against the ice, the old guard, man, I got so many more but this will set you for almost a year
Andrew C.
Gangubai is a really good watch