⚡ Motivation vs Discipline ⚡

Ivanna Wendel
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What's more important in reaching goals: motivation or discipline? Your thoughts👇


Aleks Bochkov
It's a tricky one :) Motivation 🙂
Wiktoria Jaszcza
sometimes they support each other. but if there's no motivation - try to discipline myself :)
Wiktoria Jaszcza
@ivanna_wendel @pierre_kraus Pierre nailed it! 😅 „Motivation to start, discipline to achieve!”
Savian Boroanca
Discipline, no matter what. Motivation is just like a first step, but discipline will take you further when is next to impossible to take another step.
Sara Gifford
I think passion for the work you are doing is the most important. If you have passion, then motivation easily follows. Discipline is critical to make sure that you do the work that is important and not just urgent.
Pierre Kraus
Motivation to start, discipline to achieve!
If you're on your own then I don't think it'll work not having discipline but if with others I'd go for motivation...
Sebastian Britz
Firstly, I think motivation is necessary. If you are well motivated then discipline comes along. Although for certain recurring tasks it is hard to find the motivation once it becomes redundant.
JeofCo Cyr
Discipline with a morning formula :)
Maria Batrin
@jeofcocyr What's the morning formula? :)
Jose Eduardo Saura
Discipline over motivation. Discipline stays for ever, motivation is good but not the key
For me, motivation is crucial when setting the goals, but to achieve them - discipline. You can run on motivation only so far. It doesn't kick in at will and tends to waver when you hit major challenges or are just having a shitty day.
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
I think it's a combination of both, but discipline is very important when working on a long-term goal.
Tanya Sharma
Discipline for sure to stay on track! It's important though to revisit your goals regularly and allow yourself to drop or change them.
Reuben Carter
Depends on the goals...
Rosie Higgins
Both are important. But I think motivation is more important. If you have discipline with no motivation you won't get anywhere. But if you have motivation with no discipline you can still achieve things. Also, sometimes letting go of your discipline and letting yourself ride on a wave of motivation for a particular task can help you get more done I find!
Vera Mirzoyan
Motivation always wins in my case. If I'm motivated, I assure to do my best without any discipline.
Mahak from Outgrow
For me both work equally and actually when I discipline myself to work in limited time, it gives me the motivation to complete my work early or on time so yeah they work together.
Piotr Pawłowski
I'd say that without motivation there is no way to discipline yourself and therefore achieve your goals.