I'm Brianne, founder of Work Life VC. AMA πŸ‘‡

Brianne Kimmel
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Hey there! I'm Brianne, founder of Work Life, an early stage venture firm in Silicon Valley, investing in tools and services for the modern workplace. I'm an investor in Webflow, Voiceflow, Tandem, Command E and 20+ startups. Prior to investing, I led Product & GTM strategy at Zendesk including self-serve revenue, technology integrations, and built Zendesk for Startups. Let's talk about the importance of selling to startups, how Web3 has evolved, and predictions for 2022! AMA πŸ‘‡


Macgill Davis
@rize_io, formerly @Humble_Dot @twitter
Hey Brianne! How do you see Web3 and B2B SaaS interacting moving forward? How will Web3 change the B2B SaaS landscape?
Veeraj Mehta
Founder of Puzzl
Hey Brianne - Super excited to see this. We were looking for a VC in this sector for our most recent round. Where is the best place to contact you?
Chase Roberts
VC @ Vertex Ventures
Where will Web3 intersect the enterprise?
Engineer. Entrepreneur.
Hi Brianne! What are your top 3 predictions for 2022 wrt lifestyle and moving away from COVID? Cheers 😎
Andy Cook
Cofounder - Tettra.co
What is your outlook on DAOs vs. traditionally incorporated startups and how do you see VCs participating in that ecosystem, if at all?
Zach Segal
Work @Coinbase & @BlockchainCurated.com
Hey Brianne! What are some of the biggest opportunities for creators in web3?
Sigurd Seteklev
CEO and founder of Kitemaker (YC W21)
What is the most common advice you give technical founders on GTM?
Eden Vidal
CEO at Relate
Hey Brianne! Low-code tools have come and gone throughout the history of the web. What are the potentials of the current low-no-code wave? Do you believe it will ultimately commoditize the software industry?
Petr Pinkas
Customer Success Manager @ Feedly
Hi Brianne, what is your take on the future of customer success within B2B in SAAS?
Andrew Kpyto
Digital Marketer at Sembly AI β€πŸš€
Hey Brianne! What is your advice for speedy enterprise acceptance of modern remote workplace tools, such as mentioned Tandem as a virtual office or Sembly as an online meeting agent, etc.?
Spotlight for new NFT and DAO projects
Hi Brianne, I think with the rise of DAO project, we're gonna see a new way of funding startup
Alexandra Cote
Growth Consultant and Content Strategist
Brianne, I'd love to hear your thoughts on your go-to community building [and engagement, if you have the time] strategies? what works for you or what you noticed with other brands. TIA
Making 12 Products in 12 Months
Hey Brianne, How does your day look like as a founder of Work Life VC?
Rupert Cheek
Arts entrepreneur @ Cheeky
Nothing to do with the Coworking space then?
Rupert Cheek
Arts entrepreneur @ Cheeky
To what extent is (Facebook's) metaverse the future of the immersive web?
Shekhar Chandra
Software Engineer @ Accord
I think and hope that the web3 and the token economy around it will enable more and more developers to contribute towards open source projects. The creator economy will incentivize individual developers to create an open and verifiable portfolio and monetize their time spent towards open projects. It will change the way companies hire, and candidates see career opportunities. What are your thoughts on it and are there any companies in your radar that are doing something similar ?
Kiran Kanakadandi (yugahq.com)
Building an Employee Retention SaaS
Hi Brianne -- I'm trying to pilot my Future of Work SaaS at startups and am struggling to find the right sponsor persona. We're taking a new grounds-up employee-centric approach to employee retention where managers acknowledge employee choice of employer and work with the employee to learn and enable their aspirations. CXOs get the cost of attrition but are too busy to engage, HR is too invested in Lattice/Workday to try a new tool (since it'll question their own investment of said tools in the CXO eyes). I know that all tech companies are dealing with resignations, but am struggling to find early adopters. Any advice here? We're https://www.yugahq.com. TIA!
Shawn Frank
iOS Developer / UX designer
Hello Brianne, I am currently working on a simple app called WipeBoard - a digital whiteboard which allows you draw, record and share your ideas. I would love it if I could ask you 2 questions if that's ok: 1 - What would be your top 3 GTM strategies for a product like this 2 - What would be the most important metrics I should keep track of Thank you !
Atry Mah
A child prodigy who helps parents learn.
I am a child prodigy who notices things parents in Asia don’t. We at bootstrapped Spice Trade Asia Kids are opening up a new world where parents learn from their kids, How not to destroy curiousness/queriousness. How to learn how to be innocent. How not to scare off passionate and innocent self-starters who approach them. How to frame questions and much more. We want quantum leap inventions to be imagined and done again in the East as we wake up our parents from a 600 year slumber.
isreal amadi
Nice one