I launched today by myself without a hunter

Julia Doronina
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Thanks to everyone who voted to run on their own or with a hunter. I decided to start without a hunter. And became a hunter myself. It's a little worrisome that we won't be able to break into the top 10 as there isn't much support from the hunter community, but I really hope you can support us. Our new launch is a restart of the previous product and its upgrade. Our goal is to help companies stop leaks of confidential documents that can have a big impact on their reputation. We believe that this is an important topic now, and we want to make the world a safer place. We launched today and will be grateful for your support: https://www.producthunt.com/post...


Dina Shestakova
Good work, Julia! You're doing great! Of course, I will support you. I really like your product.
Qudsia Ali
I'm so glad you took such a courageous step of launching yourself. And I am pleased to support this. Good Luck, Julia. I hope you get massive success on LeaksID 2.0.
Julia Doronina
@qudsia_ali Thank you very much for your support! Feel free to test LeaksID 2.0 πŸ˜€
Daniel Engels
It's unfortunate most companies only think of security once it's too hard. Best luck for your launch.
Nick Nedelchuk
Good luck with that! And I'm certainly sure you will be a very good hunter yourself! P.S. My upvote is yours.
Amna Irshad
Good Luck with your launch
Suvojit Manna
Congratulation on the launch ! Upvoted :D
Ryan Tando - Dezbor.com
Congrats on the launchπŸš€ Upvoted
Neeraj Dhulekar
Good stuff Julia...supporting and cheering you for your success!
Bhavna Singh
@ Julia launching on the PH without a hunter itself shows the confidence and belief you hold on your product, I wish you the luck and my support for the product.
Amelia Charlie
I wish you good luck. Cheering for your success
Sorry I'm late, upvoted!
Jocelyn To
Congrats Julia! Upvoted :) I'm about to launch a few weeks later. May I know the reason you decided to hunt by yourself instead of a hunter?
Julia Doronina
@jocelyuki I decided that I want to try to do everything by myself, manage all launch process. Moreover I found that many other successful products launched by themselves. It’s a cool experience:)
Milla Leanne
I guess the real question is, would you do it again? :)
Umar Saleem
Well done! It is a courageous step of launching yourself. My best wishes to you.
Nitin P
Congratulations and all the best!
Aqsa Sajjad
I am so glad. Congratulations on your launch, and I wish you good luck with your dedication.
Maya Ben Zid
Thanks for sharing your story. I am also launching next week - a little worried but excited. I hope more people will show love to your product.