Share your product here to get support, feedback, users (w/c 10th of February)

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Hi Makers! This thread is dedicated to you if you are: (1) launching soon or recently launched (2) looking for beta users (3) asking for feedback on a landing page First, start by helping out another maker. You can check out their launch, give their product a review or share a comment on their launch post. Once you've helped someone else out, share your product link here and BE SPECIFIC about who your target audience is and how we can help.


Who's launched something new this week or looking for feedback in general? 👀
Abhinav Sohani
@abadesi Today we launched Recast Studio. We would love to hear your feedback.
Walid Shaar
@abadesi We just recently launched the Free We'd love to your feedback! Available on both iOS & Android.
David Odukoya
Thanks @abadesi Hello Hunters, I'm excited to introduce you to Funverge We are currently looking for beta users to help in our testing phase What is Funverge? Funverge is an app that helps you find things to do around you. We've been building for the past ~10 months and just released a beta version for iOS. 1. Events are shown as cards on which you can swipe left or right 2. Create your own event on one screen, in under a minute 3. Meet lots of cool people who love doing the same things you do 4. Find something to do right now, because you're bored right now! Why did we create Funverge? Our tech-dominated lives have prevented us from developing a lot of social skills that earlier generations had. TV, Video Games, Social Media and streaming services all give us an excuse to stay indoors. The problem is we have stopped learning how to interact with other people and make new friends. Studies show that 1. The average American hasn’t made a new friend in 5 years 2. 42 % of adults struggle to make friends due to introversion or shyness 3. 1 in 5 millennials are lonely and have “no friends” Social anxiety has become a big problem for many people. Our goal is for you to open the app whenever you're bored and instantly find something to do and people to do it with. Sign up at You'll get an email with a link. If you already have testflight, just tap on the link. We are really excited to share this with you! Please reach out with any Feedback and suggestions. You may also send me a direct message. Thank you so much for your help
Benjamin Vaughan
@david_ta I like how you're using technology to combat social problems - especially when technology has often been seen as the reason for some these problems developing. I'll test out the beta version.
@abadesi @david_ta I like the format- swiping is so much better than scrolling or searching. This reminds me of groupon for the millennial. I assume there's an algorithm that works to personalize results for you- i.e the more you use it the better the activities presented to you are. I'm joining the Beta- are you live in D.C or only in specific cities thus far?
David Odukoya
@abadesi @degasel_ Thank you Dianna, really appreciate your feedback. Technically, it can be used in any city. We're not live yet - just a beta release, but plan to release it in Denver within the next month or 2
Rashid Aziz
Hey everyone! I'm working on an open source project called dotEnvy that helps developers manage .env files and share API keys with your team mates. If anyone is interested in learning more or trying out the beta, I'd love to hear from you!
Matthew White
@rashidaziz Hey Rashid - This is a tough space because so much of it is based around trust - that being said, this is still a pain point for our team so definitely interested in hearing more about it.
Rashid Aziz
@kaishiro Thanks for your reply Mathew! Of course, trust and security are the most essential - that's why I'd like it to be open source so others can review the code and fix any issues. I'm also using p2p connections for sharing the actual keys between teammates, so that the keys are never stored on the servers. I'm open to any other ideas you might have as well!
Laura Vasquez
Hello Makers! Our product is called PPC Ad Editor. We recently launched. It's a tool that allows you to share your Google Ads campaigns and ads previews with clients in an easy-to-understand format, which your clients will definitely appreciate! If you've ever used Excel or screenshots for this, you will know why this is such a convenient tool. Would love some feedback from you all - we are currently in the free beta phase and would love to have you try out the tool. You can check it out and sign up here:, thanks and best wishes with your products as well! :)
Mahshid Hadadi
Hey Hunters, I've launched Hengam customer engagement platform and now I'm looking for more feedback :) Hengam takes the pain out of identifying and reengaging your app's inactive users to reduce churn and increase happy customers through smart automated data-driven messaging. read more about it on
Hi guys, please have a look at my project and share your feedback, thanks! MOSC is a mobile app to save products of online stores and get notified in real-time when they are discounted. Always buy at the best price via MOSC price alerts.
@mathieu_guffens I know a lot of people think it's creepy to have live updates based on location but I would love a feature on this app that notifies me the moment I'm near a PetCo (for example) that the dog food brand that my dog eats is on sale. That would be SO convenient and I wouldn't have to go into an app to get deals.
Kaloyan Dobrev
Hello to all fellow Creators. Me and my team are launching our new product - Drive Password This is a Google Drive ™ based password manager - which means that we use Google Drive as a password storage solution and do not store them on our servers. In this way, people were given durability and accessibility to their secrets. And of course, not only do we store them on Drive, but first everything is encrypted with a military class encryption algorithm (AES 256) on the device ( your passwords don't leave the device ) and then stored them in Google Drive. We'll be happy to hear reviews of our product here - what you like, what you want to change and what you want to remove. We support: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Chrome extension and of course the Web. - Here's the link to test it: One more thing we added Dark Mode yesterday.
Kourtney Kirton
Hey everyone! Our product, Ciara (, just launched today, and we would love your feedback. Check it out & let us know what you think.
@kourtneykirton this would have been super helpful in my previous BD roles!
Arbob Mehmood
We are working on a Cryptocurrency Rewards API which rewards users in cryptocurrency when they play a game or use an app connected to our API. It's mining free so users don't have to worry about additional cpu or gpu usage. We're currently looking for game developers to try out our private beta.
Marc De Gibon a digital concierge for fréquent traveller
Gabriel Soares
Hello everyone! I've just released a new "Advanced Filters" feature on Anemoi ( (the app that finds you the best order and dates to fly to multiple cities). Would love to hear the feedback from other makers. Cheers!
Harrison Williams
Hello! I'm building a product called Lodge (, a smart home management assistant that gives home owners the tools to manage every aspect of their homes like a pro. We are planning to launch our beta in summer 2020, and I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the landing page: Thank you!
@hdub I think the idea of these services: Scheduling seasonal maintenance at the right time Improving energy efficiency and save money Simplifying appliance replacement but I don't get the "how". It isn't immediately clear to me from the site.
Harrison Williams
@degasel_ Thanks for the feedback! I didn’t want to overwhelm visitors with too much detail about the service, but I think you’re right, I should err on the side of over-informing.
Hey everyone! I've recently launched Route Climbing App, and have made a bunch of updates in the past week. Route is a place to record and share route maps for climbing walls. Our goal is to help keep home climbing walls interesting and to make them more effective training tools. If you are interested in the beta sign up, I would love your feedback. Thank you.
Anton Zorin
Hi Makers! Our product ( is a Product Managenent service (with public roadmaps) where you can attach customer feedbacks (from multiple channels) to specific features on your roadmap and ship what your users/customers need. We're an early stage project but going to launch soon and would use some help (feedback). Happy to help other makers and provide some feedback on your projects.
Matthew White
Hey all - we're soft launching Commerce - a drop-in e-commerce solution for *any* website with a single line of code. We've been working on it for over a year and have already processed over 2 million USD in transactions with a few pilot clients. You can find us here:, as well as over on HN: If anyone has any feedback (positive, negative - all welcome) - please feel free to send it my way. Thanks!
Emi Ayada
Hi Makers, We launched our new product, named Torimo that 1) Help people like expats who want to get some products they can't get in an affordable way in where they are 2) Help traveler to make extra money by their trips by getting requested products for users, like described in 1) We connect them to enable anyone to reach any items from anywhere! At this point, we focus on NYC to make more matches. Please check out Any feedback is more than welcome and helpful!
Poobesh Gowtham
Hi guys!, Just launched VANGOGH. Its a keyword based color palette generator. Imagine it to google for color palettes. Please do have a look and would love your suggestions.
Petronald Green went into closed beta this week. It does site monitoring and public statuspages (infrastructure monitoring in progress).
Spencer Smith
Hello everyone! 😻Today I launched a product called Review Showcase which allows businesses to embed their best Google reviews directly on their website. I'd love to hear anyone's feedback!
@dotspencer Does this integrate with WIX sites?
Spencer Smith
@4th_roommate Hey not sure what happened but can you access it now?
Ola Bayoji
Hey Everyone! 👋🏾 I'm excited to introduce you to GYRE - It’s a game-changing marketplace app where you can Swap, Sell and Buy unwanted items locally with ease. Imagine Gumtree and Tinder having a marriage 👥. Find out more on our landing page - It is now available to download on the App Store - 🥳 (Android coming soon! 😎) Please Download, Register and use the app as much as you can 📲, I’d appreciate nothing but seeing activity, your feedback where you can, reviews on the App Store 🤩 as well as sharing this with as many people as possible. The more people on there, the better it gets for everyone 🤗. Thank YOU for your support, I can’t appreciate it enough 🙏🏾😭😇.