Mobile phones: Apple or Android?

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Hey makers! I've been an iPhone for a while now but recently tempted by the new Pixel. I have friends who have moved from iPhone to Pixel before and they said the transfer is pretty seamless. The free photo storage is tempting, too. Are you using an Apple or Android phone? Tell me why.


Dan Edwards
@abadesi iPhone. Always. Don't get me wrong, phones like the One Plus 7 and Pixel look great and their cameras are arguably better than the iPhone. But I just like the iPhone more, mainly because of iOS. Aside from just preferring the UI and UX of iOS, as someone who uses a Mac and an iPad, having the consistent experience between them all is a deal breaker for me.
Ildi Xhaholli
iPhone because the best apps come out for iOS first/only. Also prefer Apple because I know i'm getting consistent software updates, and that 80%+ of all users will be updating. This is important to an ecosystem with millions/billions of users. I really like what Apple is trying with "Sign In With Apple" + providing random emails to apps/websites when signing up that reroute back to your main email, however i don't think it's a good idea to give Apple all that power. They already have too much power imo. That new HTC Exodus 1S crypto phone sounds like the future. If we want to take control of our data and truly care about privacy, rethinking/rebuilding how phones work from the bottom up is crucial. Will be looking to test and maybe buy one when it's available.
Tkachenko Arthur ~UA~
@abadesi i have a phoner for $15. just for calls from my granny. stil fan of Apple eco-system, love that Android gives opportutines. if Apple purchase Tesla - then I'll vote for Apple