What are the best shows on Netflix right now?

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I'm really into Stranger Things season 3 now - no spoilers please! What are the best shows you're watching on Netflix right now?


Abhishek Dwivedi
@abadesi same here, Westworld is another series which blew my mind, not on Netflix though!
@abhishek_dwivedi1 ah yes HBO make such good shows. I really enjoyed Westworld, can't wait for the next season.
Dan Edwards
@abadesi 3 I'm digging right now are: Dead to Me, Peaky Blinders and The Chef Show
Ryan Hoover
@abadesi I'm a big fan of Dope. They released season 3 a few weeks ago. There's also a relevant entrepreneurship angle to the show. The business of drugs is fascinating.
Astha Sharma
@abadesi Bojack Horseman is hands down my favorite show on Netflix! Don't let the fact that it's animated animals fool you- it's so dark, deep, very eye opening at times, and overall still hilarious. It might start off slow, but trust me, but the end of season 4 you will be surprised at how a cartoon could make you cry.
Ildi Xhaholli
@abadesi Pulled these from my latest viewing activity: Animal Kingdom, This Is Us, The Worlds Most Extraordinary Homes, Man Like Mobeen, Street Food, Love Death & Robots, Black Mirror, Turn Up Charlie, Formula 1: Drive to Survive, Kiss Me First
@madebyildi Wow so many options! I've almost watched all of Black Mirror. Love Death & Robots was so violent my head hurt after watching it! haha
Yiğit Pınarbaşı
@abadesi Don't know if you are interested in or not kitchen & foodstuff​ but I love watching The Chef Show.
@yigitpinarbasi I do like cooking shows I'll check it out - what's great about it?
Panagiotis Xanthopoulos
@abadesi if you like Breaking Bad and already love Jason Bateman then you should definitely see Ozark :)
@abadesi After Life with the always great Ricky Gervais
@joelischka is he really always great? I've never enjoyed his newer stuff as much as his old, but perhaps I should try this. Thanks!
Gergo Torcsvari
@abadesi the "right now" is subjective, but I drop the top8 from my list here: Sense8 - finished so you don't need to wait for other episodes The society - If you loved `The 100` worth to consider this too, if not, this is more like ppl the other is more action packed. Money Heist - They rob money in 2 seasons. And start again in the 3rd. 3% - interesting postapocaliptyc world-order Lucifer Suits Sword art online - Only if you like anime, but based on the initial plot, and how deep it can go sometimes, I think this is the best in the scena that I saw before.
Inshaal Uddin
@abadesi I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Money Heist till now. (aka La Casa De Papel)
@oluwapelumi_adeyemi do you think the newer seasons are as good as the older ones?
Lanre Akinyemi
@abadesi Is Love Island on Netflix yet 🤓
@lanre_akinyemi haha oh my days. I watched one season and promised myself never again, too addictive!
Ben Marshall
@abadesi @lanre_akinyemi Is there a way to downvote this suggestion? lol
Lanre Akinyemi
@abadesi @benadzooma Lol I used to feel this way and then I watched the first episode.....stay away if you can 😔
@abadesi SEX EDUCATION (🌟), Good Girls, Lovesick, Bonding, Tuca & Bertie. A nice eclectic mix!
Mitch Gillogly
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Ben Marshall
@abadesi I still love watching Lillyhammer
Robert Gamble
@abadesi black mirror, jessica jones and barbie dreamhouse