Drive Password

Password manager encrypting and storing in your Google Drive

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 05, 2020
Password manager that encrypts all your sensitive data and stores it in your Google Drive. You retain complete control over your data and know where it is stored. Familiar design and powerful team sharing features make it perfect fit for Google users.
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Happy to see that it is official! I have been a beta tester for couple of months already and can assure you the product is top notch!
@new_user_1845686897 so why should use it instead of Enpass?)
@mikekosulin I switched from Enpass to Drive Password when I started beta testing and will not go back. :) One of the reasons is the sharing with teams and individual - it is very flexible. One thing that I’missing is the dark mode, but I hope they will implement it soon :)
@mikekosulin @new_user_1845686897 We have it in our roadmap! We love dark mode as well!
@new_user_1845686897 That's awesome to hear. One question that is interesting - how did you find out about their beta testing?
As a Google fan, I’m interested in trying this out! Do you guys support import from other passwords managers?
@kstoykov Hey, yeah we support import from most of the popular password managers. If you don't see your in the list, reach out and we will try to add it as an option as soon as possible!
Hey guys! I see that all my data will be saved in my Google Drive, but do you store a copy of it anywhere else? In case I accidentally delete the files from my Google Drive - what happens?
@m_manchev Hey, thanks for the question! No, your data is only stored within your Google Drive. It is locally encrypted on your device and then stored. Well, if you delete the encrypted files from your Google Drive you will lose your passwords. I know it might sound a bit scary, but we want to give the user full control over their data and it is their responsibility to not delete it. We are currently developing a feature with which the user will be able to backup themselves all their passwords.
@stanislav_dim could I successfully back up the encrypted files with my current back up provider,
@gary_elley Hey, thanks for the question! At the moment not, but it is in the roadmap :)
Congrats on the launch guys, it is obvious that you put heart and soul in this for developing it that long. I’ll give it a try and get back to you. Is there I can contact you with direct feedback?
@kishminish Hey, thanks! Yeah, it has been year and a half under development! We are eager for you to try and get back to us with constructive feedback! You can use the built-in chat or the chat widget on our side.
Your website properly explained the product and gave users confidence in the security. The pricing is also very friendly.
@ebuka_arinze Appreciate the time you took to check the website!