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Aaron O'Leary
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Hi Makers! This thread is dedicated to you if you are: (1) launching soon or recently launched (2) looking for beta users (3) asking for feedback on a landing page First, start by helping out another maker. You can check out their launch, give their product a review or share a comment on their launch post. Once you've helped someone else out, share your product link here and BE SPECIFIC about who your target audience is and how we can help.


Arseny Kuheika
It will be interesting to receive feedback form Makers community
Gonçalo Henriques
@akuheika Looks cool but it kind of beats the purpose to me. If I want to rest my eyes I'd avoid screens.
Arnaud Joubay
Interesting product, I find that the presentation is lacking a) some details on the science behind it and b) the benefits (for instance I already do some eye exercices which are good for balance and helps fighting sea sickness)
George Koshy
@akuheika Have upvoted. While we all know of some eye exercises it helps that there is an app that guides one through it
@akuheika it would be great to see some medical claims or medical organizations that support the app.
Junu Yang
@akuheika I appreciate the problem you're addressing with eye strain! like others I would first think to avoid looking at a screen or anything small or maybe close my eyes. Maybe your app could track how long I should close my eyes and meditate? ;)
Alice Styles
I just launched our product on Producthunt about 2 weeks ago and I think It really is being underestimated. We all use Instagram and most of the Product users are marketers. So marketers and business owners, this one best suits you. >>We provide:>> - the best Instagram legal services to send automated DMs to new and existing followers or each new follower you get. - Instagram DM olnline to have your direct messages from any device and browser, just like an Instagram messenger and to be able to chat, send and receive DMs from any browser and any device including PC and Mac. -a new feature in which you can filter the users and posts yo are looking for, by their hashtags, locations, number of like, comments and followers. - and many more. You won't regret taking a look at our product.😁👍🏻
Rishi Raj
Hi Hunters, I hope you are doing great. We recently launched a tool to simplify your work, to-dos, and communications. Whether you are writing your travel itinerary, managing team projects or planning future milestones, getting things are done via is simple, exciting and fun! You can use for: • Task Management • Shopping List • Taking Notes • Teamwork Management • Lead Management • Project management • Project planning • Todos and Reminders • Game Development • Advertising • Sales Planning • Travel Itinerary • Bug Tracking and many more... You can access from any device: You can access your work and can get real-time updates from anywhere and on any device • Android:… • iPhone: • Mac OS: • Windows OS: https://d3ecop63lb1osm.cloudfron... • Linux: • Chrome Extension: • Firefox Extension: • Opera Extension: • Browser with all device type support. I'd really appreciate if you could give me some feedback. Thanks for this thread @aaronoleary
Gonçalo Henriques
@aaronoleary @erishiraj Hey, it looks cool but I'd like to challenge you a bit :) There are some other apps that do this like favro, what's your unfair advantage? What will make users to change from other apps to yours?
George Koshy
@erishiraj I use trello for tracking my lists through various stages with my team. looks interesting with an appealing UI.
Rishi Raj
@aaronoleary @gonelf There are many like... 1. We integrated todos, tasks, project management, file storage and communication in single platform which no other tool is providing. 2. We are available on all platforms like android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Chrome, Firefox etc.. 3. We do not charge per-user pricing, but flat pricing.
Rishi Raj
Hello @george_koshy, Thanks for the appreciation. Not only board view but you can also use list view and timeline view in
Rod Danan
@aaronoleary @erishiraj It looks cool but honestly you chose a crazy tough field. ClickUp already does all of this and is growing insanely quick. The only thing I can see that's unique is the flat pricing model you have. It will probably attract teams of 20+ that aren't using a PM tool yet.
Aleksey Razbakov
I am launching a new product - DanceRadar Would be glad to have some feedback!
Gonçalo Henriques
@razbakov Hey, I'd suggest you make a better video to show off the app, you can easily save the usage video from your phone here's some help Also, try to include the advantages for your target audience in the video.
Catherine Crandall
@razbakov @gonelf I second this suggestion. A tool I've used is Adobe Spark. It's not perfect, but is optimized for social sharing. Easy to add voice overlay and music.
Aleksandr Lanin
@razbakov hi Aleksey! It's a really interesting and funny concept! I think you need to work on a better icon, presentation and video! The app seems pretty easy-to-use.
Piotr Bartoszek
Hello everyone! Today is a special day for me and my code master - Adrian. After almost 4 months of hard work, we want to introduce to the world new, refreshed Owwly (
Renold Scott
Need of suggestions for my products. Please have a look at below:
Rick Somar
@renold_scott this app have some automation tool?
Gustavo Martucci
@renold_scott I think I get what you're doing, and it sounds a cool idea, but I'm not totally sure. I think it would be more helpful if instead of just listing the features you gave some context on how you expect people to use them, something like "For small businesses that are using Whatsapp to communicate with customers, WhatsBox gives you all the tool to make your job easier." Also, you have a couple typos in your subtitle: open caht, wahtsapp tool
Andy Dbest
@renold_scott Not sure what the product is intended to do based on the description alone. On the Google Play Store page, you need to add benefits of the features. Also get a good spell check performed.
John Bauer
@elise_forward Looks nice, need some more improvements, add more products. Landing page should be more attractive.
@elise_forward I think you should have all the products on the front page instead of only one where it says "featured collection"
George Koshy
Hi All, We recently launched Oystro for iOS and Android. Oystro is for those who are frustrated with too many calls, emails or messages on WhatsApp when scheduling meetings. Oystro is a meeting scheduler that helps schedule personal and professional meetings, events, appointments or calls with your phone contacts. Would really appreciate your views about Thanks @aaronoleary for this thread
Jordi Prados Aulet
Yesterday I launched and I will love to have feedback about it, thanks!
Rick Somar
@jpaulet blockchain is a trend topic on 20's, good job
John Bauer
Launched WP Paint - Advanced WordPress Image Editor, Thanks for this thread @aaronoleary It comes with an intuitive interface that resembles the common desktop-based photo editors. There is an extensive array of image editing elements that comes with WP paint. It has the ability to manage layers, crop images, set the layer details, and much more. It’s like a small photoshop to your WordPress site. Just go to the media library and select any image to edit it with WP paint. Make your images sharper, clear the background, or add any shapes and text instantly with this image editor plugin. Features - Add custom texts, shapes - Photo editor UI that resembles photoshop - Rotate, flip & resize images - Change the hue of images - Adjust the contrast and brightness of the image - & more. Please check it out and share your feedback.
Rick Somar
Hey Product Hunter's We're in the finnal steps to launch our product in PH. Please, give your feedback: This app is build to help small business to start promotion on Youtube ads with target audiences who are actually searching for relevant keywords and videos on your niche. How it works? -Find monetized videos (Youtube only allows you to put your ad if the creator allows monetization enable) -Find keywords based on youtube suggestions -Search for viral trends -Get top videos -See all stats from videos or channels -Get suggestion tags Biteplay can give you the best ROI on Yotube ads game, please let me know if this make sense for you.
Catherine Crandall
@henrique_chappuis_ramos Very effective landing page! We're launching later this year, so I'll be sure to check it out with for real-world use soon.
Rick Somar
@amliawellness Thanks for the feedback! i'm suspect to say but you should try youtube ads definitly if you're thinking in payed ads :D
John Bauer
@henrique_chappuis_ramos This will help creators and marketers. Good idea. Please make the landing page better. It seems like something is missing, please try using sections. I hope it helps.
Arnaud Joubay
Hi all, I'm looking for hunters who want to eat less meat and test before it launches.
Matea Kofiloska
Hey @aaronoleary thank you fro opening this discussion. Hello PH community :) We are almost ready to launch our Contact Search Module. In the meantime we are launching our Company Search Module on our Sales.Rocks Platform that helps all kind of business boost their sales and marketing with up to date quality data. At the moment we have company information to 11 different countries and every day we are updating our data base in order to expand the market. We are giving you 50 free credits to check it out here: Plus our upcoming page is ready so please tell me what you think :) Thank you guys :)
Alex Ackermans | AntEater
@aaronoleary @mateakofiloska I like the sign in page design but would like to know more about the product. How is this different than
Matea Kofiloska
@aaronoleary @alexanteater Thank you so much for showing interest and wanting to know more. I am glad you asked this. It's a bit different concept. Sales.Rocks Platform works based on its own company database of 71 Million company records that are constantly updated and includes every single information about a company. In comparison, we have the information about a potential already checked, verified and stored into the database from different sources. This means that you already have your prospect list ready, you just need to fill in your required filters and you can instantly download a lead list in bulk. Here is the link to the sign in page where you can check for yourself: I hope this explains, let me know.
Rod Danan
@hakosam Cool app! I would work on the visuals of your site though. Use less words and more visuals to convey what the app actually does. Add more space between the different elements since everything seems cluttered now. Make your headlines bold so they don't blend in with body text. I would even consider changing your heading text to something that's more readable. Also, "replys" should be "replies". Make sure to triple-check for typos before promoting.
It would be great to get feedback from some of the best makers - We did a lot of homework, interviewed 100+ developers, tried out 10+ products & this is a more of a concept + beta. We have had some great feedback and adoption over the past few weeks. We realized that anything that any tools that have to focus on developers had to be very precise & focused on the problem that needs to be solved. We are looking at helping developers solving some of the bothering aspects of app performance failures in the user's phone & try catching them at the development, QA cycle. We spotted that some very "techie" organisations build their tool internally and we saw that we could help them with plugging this in to get started within minutes!
Antoine Jagueneau
Hi makers, I hope you are doing well! :) We would like to get your feedback on the product we are developing for IT / Software managers: Custodian Custodian is an all-in-one platform that empowers IT teams to more effectively manage their software through an automated SaaS Discovery and a collaborative SaaS Management involving IT, managers & employees. Have a look and feel free to share your comments!
Arnaud Joubay
@antoine_jag Hello Antoine, not sure I understand the problem you're addressing, or at least it took me a lot of reading to try and guess it (but then again I'm not your target audience). Also it might be interesting to know what a SAAS has to do to get registered.
Antoine Jagueneau
@sowenjub Hello Arnaud, thank you for your feedback! As you mentioned in your comment, our product is very specific for IT teams, to help them to manage the SaaS used by employees. Good point about SaaS we can register! For the MVP, we will propose a catalog we built that contains thousands of the most popular SaaS, but we are thinking about a way to let SaaS providers add their SaaS in our platform.
Lennart Hollstein
Hey there! I would love to get some feedback on my landing page: It's a habit building system that takes 10 minutes a day. Please let me know what you think. Thank you so much!
Rod Danan
@lennart_hollstein Good headline - got my attention. I would make it bigger and move your business name/logo to the side since it's not as important as the rest of the text. The bright pink color is hard on the eyes so I would try something more subdued. Couldn't get through the testimonials without tearing up. Overall though, it kind of reminds me of an older style of website which made me feel a little uneasy signing up.
Yulian Seet
@lennart_hollstein It would be great to perhaps highlight some of the habits built by the users in the testimonies. Also, not sure if its already in your app, but gamification is one way to get people addicted!
Lennart Hollstein
@aleksandr_lanin So while it's going to be an app eventually, right now members get a daily text and/or email with a simple task that will set them up for success when it comes to building or breaking the habit they desire.
Melissa Whitman
@lennart_hollstein I like the concept, hook and sections in your landing page. The content is simple, sections are easy to understand and text well written. The dark hero section is very eye-catching but I’d reverse the following sections to a lighter background to make the text easier to read. Then show off the app. We want a sneak peak with images and demos of how the app will help us form good habits.
Elsayed Hussein
Please check my LazyBoard app, it is phrase keyboard, your feedback is most welcome
Just launched a new product, Wrap and Deliver. I'm new to Product Hunt. I hope the community in here is interested and we get some good feedback. :) Would happily cover the wrapping + shipping for a few product hunt users if they're able to use the product (100% discount on the service, which is around $15-20 on average) and give some feedback. Wrap and Deliver.
Curious if anyone has feedback about my landing pages and the subsequent age verification page: Best feedback gets winner's choice of either 1) a GravTop (shipped to USA addresses only) or 2) an equivalent value e-giftcard. Feedback contest runs for 1 week (168 hours) from the time of this post. 1 winner will be announced here.
Bridgette Bryant, Designer
@grav_top Hi there! So, after about five seconds on the page, I have no idea what the product is, so step one will be fixing that. Here are some ways to do so: 1. Add product photos 2. Change your headline text to just say what the product value is 3. Add a descriptive tagline to your logo Next, the type font of your logo is good, but using it underneath as a long headline makes that info difficult to read. And the leading is too tight, it is physically uncomfortable. That's really all I could say for now. Hope it's helpful.
Catherine Crandall
@grav_top I like the H2 "Vanilla" font you're using, and appreciate that you're trying to keep SHOP NOW button from slipping down too far the screen the there needs to be a bit of white space between lines, as text should not be touching the lines above/below. Also, your flavicon is not secure (did not display on any of my browser tabs), see: "The page at '' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure favicon ''. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS."