Keyboard app for custom phrases

If you are lazy or busy, and don't need to wast time in typing same things again and again, so LazyBoard keyboard for you.
LazyBoard save your email templates, canned support replies or anything you type regularly.
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Hi Guys, this is Elsayed iOS developer, LazyBoard(formerly Bokhary) app maker. Recently I published new update for LazyBoard app, LazyBoard is a custom keyboard app, it save your email templates, canned support replies, fast form completion, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, emoji, or anything you type regularly, and just need one tap when inputting. Features: - For your privacy, LazyBoard won't force you to "Allow Full Access" to this keyboard. So we have no way to get your private data. - Sync your phrases in all your iOS devices using iCloud. - We can also type the current clipboard in one click.(Need to open the "Allow Full Access" control) - Clipboard folder to save your copied texts, and see them in LazyBoard keyboard as folder. - Widget for Clipboard folder, to get copied texts fast. Please if you have any feedback about any thing in Lazyboard, it will be most welcome. Thanks.
Need this on Android!! Any chance? :D
@anna_0x unfortunately no in current time, sorry :)
Great job!😊 Will check it out! What are your thoughts and roadmap for this app in the long run?
@ayush_chandra LazyBoard now has more features, I need to improve them and enhance them like Clipboard widget, and Also I plan to enable user to add photos where now user just only can add texts, thanks for your comment 😊.