Pre-prod Performance monitoring for SDKs & Mobile apps

Perfacchi SDK lets you monitor performance parameters of the app in test. Scanning all your performance data like memory leaks, CPU, Memory, Network, API calls, Methods calls in near real-time to provide feedback during your dev & QA cycle.
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Performance is the most less spoken in the app industry, we identified a gap to need a tool that monitors the time you compile & push the code to the production. We saw that the developers are spending their time to build in-house monitoring tool, reporting, dashboard etc,. - The data gets pushed close to real-time - Memory leaks, Memory, CPU, Network, API calls, Method calls, Frames, Screen transition - Supports Android & React Native apps - Simple dashboard for interpretation We interviewed about 100 odd developers to come to this point. Share your perspective.
As a Founder CEO - I have had direct interaction with customers who have had more than 10 M DAU for their app and they have tried a number of options to test and monitor app performance pre prod including firebase and nimbledroid, yet their pain point to know what they need to know it missing. Perfachhi - was so simple, straight forward way for them to integrate. They found their first memory leak within few seconds of their integration. We are quite excited about the possibilities. A better world in performance profiling is waiting to happen through Perfachhi.