Wrap and Deliver

We wrap and ship gifts to a recipient from any store online

We wrap your gift purchased from any online store with the paper and ribbon of your choice, using materials sourced from artists around the world. You’ll get status updates frequently during the process and as soon as the gift is delivered.
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Hey all, happy to be launching Wrap and Deliver on Product Hunt and are really looking forward to feedback from this community. Thank you for taking a look. We wrote a bit on our about page as to why we built this, but we mostly wanted to provide a high quality gift wrapping experience to online shoppers, including ourselves. A lot of large and small e-commerce companies do offer gift wrapping services, but they're often relatively generic or even at times branded by the company. For special occasions, or to really impress a client or customer, that may not be the best choice. The startling revelation for us that may appeal to this community was that e-commerce companies provide a common interface/API to everyone during checkout: a postal address. We can just publish ours, tell you how to ship to us, and build some tooling around paper and ribbon selection and we're then able to wrap for you, saving both your time and the extra hop of shipping first to yourself and then to your destination. Another eye-opener was that there are some really fantastic vendors and artists out there making craft wrapping paper – but it isn't very accessible to your average gift-giver. The focus on craftsmanship is really impressive, and we can directly support those businesses by buying wholesale from them and, through this service, market and sell their work directly to consumers in individual quantities. We really tried to highlight who was making this material, and if you love their paper, please go support them directly for your local gift-giving. Just make sure to use Wrap and Deliver when shopping for your friends and family who don't live near you. Excited to hear what you all think. Feel free to jump straight into the ordering experience, which is the heart of the product: https://www.wrapanddeliver.com/o... You won’t need to supply credit card info until the end.