The private accounting software dApp for your business

#5 Product of the DayDecember 01, 2019
Put your Business Accounting on the Blockchain & keep your data secure & private. Manage Invoices, Expenses, Customers, Files & more from everywhere.
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Great idea and love the fact that is blockchain technology. As a freelancer this is a super useful tool! Thank you! Btw, it would be awesome if the app could also create client quotes.
@claragromaches Thanks, I will add this suggestion into my roadmap, it could be a nice feature! I'm happy you like it, and I will keep improving it to add tax features for freelancers & more!
Hi everyone ✌️! J.P. Aulet is here, and I'm very proud to announce you the decentralized ⛓️ Accounting Software for makers, freelancers & SME! A private and secure alternative for Zoho, FreshBooks or Expensify. This is my first Blockstack Dapp, and it's aimed to solve the privacy problem while running your business. Business owners, freelancers & makers must store their more critical & private data in 3rd party servers where they don't own their data. dArray is a full-featured invoicing platform and with it you can create in a easy and fast way customized invoices, expenses, manage clients, customers or your competence. Manage events in the calendar to create meetings or remember things. With dArray you could manage, store & control your invoices, expenses, tickets and visualize your evolution of your business. Also dArray is your business Swiss knife to improve your productivity with: Dashboard, Calendar, Tasks, Pomodoro (WIP), ToDO lists, Organize Files & much more to come! I can’t wait to hear what you think. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions. Control your own data with dArray, store private documents, invoices, expenses, customers & more in a privacy-first secure platform. And it's free ✌️! Start putting your Business on the Blockchain and keep all your data secure & private!
@jpaulet Nice idea, I like the overall premise. But here's a question: when you claim that the data is stored privately, what does this technically mean? Where and how is the data stored?
Hi @toldjuuso and thanks for your comment! Technically it means that data is stored in Gaia decentralized storage server, encrypted and only accessible by the owner. We don't store the data in a centralized server or sell it, show ads or nothing similar. If you want to know more about Gaia, here you can find it: https://github.com/blockstack/gaia
Nice app! Keeping the data encrypted and only accessible by the owner it's a killer feature!
@vssusin Thanks Victor! That's the key point of the whole dapp!
So will it send invoices and allow a client to pay online through some sort of portal as well? Or do you still need to manually email invoices and set up an external payment gateway?
@hiramfromthechi Hi! For the moment it's all manual, maybe in the future there is a payment gateway or similar
@jpaulet That's fair. I know Blockstack is in its infancy. Nevertheless, excited to see it evolve and scale enough to replace all current centralized systems.
Hi @jpaulet A great idea and beautiful app. Just want to leave a helpful note to say "Descentralized" should be spelt "Decentralized" without the "s". Good luck with dArray, mate!
@ayeap Hi Alvin, yeah, that's true. I've been struggling with this mistake throughout the development, surely some will have escaped me. I will try to find it and correct it. Thanks for your comment!