Strengthen your eyesight with eye tracking

#2 Product of the DayNovember 28, 2019
Blink is an iOS app that take care for your eyes. It's a daily eyesight trainer with a number of effective exercises that helps your eyes to relieve tense and strengthen eyesight. Blink uses eye tracking to guide your exercise technique.
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Happy to see that a hackathon idea turned into a product! So rare, so cool!
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@okhlopkov That was our original plan after hackathon ^ —— ^ THANKS!
Wow, really nice! Would definitely need this. How about Android app? Timeframe? 🤔
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@martin_ryden Hi, Martin. Right now we are focusing on iOS devices with True Depth camera. But maybe one day we'll develop a version for android ⭐️
@martin_ryden Hi, Martin! Basically right now we're focusing on users feedback. So if community likes it, we'll be glad to increase our auditory by Android version of the app. Unfortunately no timeframe atm.
@arossennik @mokolovich Understand, which you the best of luck and hopefully we will see an android app for the future ;)
@martin_ryden thanks a lot! really appreciate it!
Hi, @kevin thank you for hunting our product! My name is Arsen. We developed an iOS App Blink. It helps to reduce eye tense, stress and fatigue with special eyesight exercises. App is based on eye tracking technology through TrueDepth. This technology helps Blink to guide user’s exercise technique and correct it for maximum efficiency. Because of TrueDepth Blink is only available for iPhones X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11 or iPad Pro models. Due to the unique design, wich activates peripheral vision, users can navigate in Blink without directly looking at the screen. This is what makes Blink friendly solution for tired eyesight. App is totally free, because our goal right now is to get as much users feedback as possible. So, maybe you would be interested in testing our app and share your honest thoughts on it. Do you like it?
nah :(
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@kevin @akuheika What's the science behind this to show that it actually helps my eyes rather than just straining them more?
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@rossdcurrie Eye exercises is just one part of complex preventive vision therapy. Taking care of eyesight is a good habbit and Blink helps to build it with these small steps – short daily workouts. Gymnastics helps with strenghening eye muscles and due to the specific movents prevents irritation and dryness. The most known research about vision therapy belings to american vision therapy center where we've gathered most of the information.
@kevin @akuheika @rossdcurrie It seems like this app's approach is based on nothing, but there's research on this, if you're curious:
@kevin @rossdcurrie @rhymeswithsimon keep calm and just make eye yoga break !
Where is the proof you will improve eyesight like you claim? I’m very surprised everyone is just accepting that claim without asking how? Any proof?
@andrewgale relax and just blink :)