What's your design tool of choice?

Dan Edwards
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Interested to hear what design tool(s) you're using to make your products, at Product Hunt we use Sketch and I personally love it. But what are you using and what do you love about it? Or do you want to move away into something new?


Nick Kuznetsov
We’re using Sketch with Eva Design System and now transferring it to Webflow.
Fedor Shkliarau
A lot has changed since 2017 but when I joined a company I'm working at right now, these were the reasons for switching from Sketch to Figma: "When I joined AJ&Smart in July, the guys were using Sketch for prototyping. I’m not going to describe how good the tool is because it’s widely known among many design teams in the world but what was missing for us was the possibility collaborate in real time. Since we work using design sprints only, we prototype at a very high pace during one day in a week. And with Sketch we were just sending the same Sketch file one to another to compile the prototype out of different screens different designers were making. To align better and improve the speed of prototyping, I suggested we switch to Figma. Because of a few reasons: 1. Real time collaboration directly in the browser. 2. Graphic interface is very similar to Sketch, so no need to learn a completely new tool. 3. Team library: each week we use the same UI elements across different projects (like headers, buttons, dropdowns, etc.), so we built a library of components that we can easily reuse when creating a new prototype (with being able to change fonts, shapes, etc.) 4. Browser based tool: now, when someone who uses Windows or any other OS other than Mac OS, can easily work in Figma using browser or its desktop app. So, when we send the files to clients, it’s just links which they can instantly open, without having to install any additional tools. 5. Prototyping feature: after creating separate screens in the same file, you can connect them into a prototype. The only thing is that it doesn’t have built in interactions yet (like native iOS animations, e.g. swipe back, slide up, etc.). However, most of the times we use Marvel App for creating the prototype itself out of screens we designed in Figma because Marvel app has the interactions mentioned above, device previews, possibility to embed videos or include links to websites. 6. Inspect feature: developers for web, iOS and Android can inspect the design files to find all the margins, styles and even snippets of code for css, objective-c, etc."
Sketch saves code time
James Lee
Love this but I am an odd guy. Webflow is the best.
Naya Moss
Sketch + Webflow 👍🏾❤️
Ali Shah
Figma is beautiful and easy to use. We started building Tapebook on Sketch, but ended up transitioning to Figma. Now there's no turning back! :)
Harry Tucker
Depends on the product. For web, Webflow, for mobile it's Figma.
XZ Inspiration
Now I'm using Sketch for design and Figma/invision for prototyping . Thinking of using Eva Design system :)
Archie Hicklin
I'm using Sketch with Abstract but I'm desperate to switch to Framer. I think what's stopping me is the learning curver as, say Figma 2.0, or Flinto are so similar in UI so the switch is easy.
We've been using Sketch for ages. In fact, we love it so much we use it for Presentations, in place of Adobe Illustrator in some cases, and beyond its original use for UI/UX!. Though - we've been considering, or at least exploring Figma 2.0 . Have you ever considered the switch? Seems like a close call on the poll above.
Max Karacun
Sketch all the way!
Samit Saenz
For me the choice of the tool depend of challenge for example: If you are part of a large team building a huge product and you need to have great collaboration between designers, Figma it's a great choice. If you need to prototype and design (saving time) in a single app to test and validate ideas with a small and large amount of user combine Studio + Webflow is really powerful. If the company started creating digital product and own the adobe account XD is in the package (Ready to use) And finally if all de design system of a big product was created in Sketch, and the team has created a ecosystem of work, collaboration, process and tools, I don't see the necesity to change. Resumen: Depend of the challenge.
I really like Figma from the few times I've played with it. I also really like using non design tools for design-y things (designers, don't judge me!) like Keynote which is actually really handy for making social media posts quickly.
Corey Stone
I've used Axure RP at my last two companies, and it's really pretty good for advanced prototyping. I like how it uses native form elements so users can actually type data in, make selections, etc., which makes usability testing feel much more real.
Nicolas Jacques
We use Webflow CMS to deisgn anything linked to the web, and I like to add some interactive things like Naker.Back :)