Do you have a "Guilty Pleasure" product?

Dan Edwards
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For me it's Timehop. I'm kinda addicted to it (currently on a 762-day streak) 🙈 What's yours?


Julie Chabin
@de Same, Timehop every morning! What's your streak today?
Dan Edwards
@syswarren 762 days 🙈
@de @syswarren No I deleted Timehop so long ago, I'm all about living in the present. That said I consider Instagram a "Guilty Pleasure" because I can't count the time I spend on it productive yet I'm on it soooo much. I love their AI filters 🤓
Justin Ahn
@de Instagram, hands down. I even use hashtags #imsecretlyateenager...
Lucas Hogendoorn
Using hashtags would kind of make you the opposite of a normal teenager haha
Ryan Hoover
@de just a little heavy whipping cream in my Philz ;)
Emerson Dameron
@de Twitter and reddit. Got to have that rage fix.
Jun Gong
@de Mine is Steemit, earn $ by 👍👎 #guilty
Parth Shrivastava
@de Instagram, hands down. Nobody is coming close nowadays.
Dan Edwards
@parth_sh Interesting many others consider Instagram a guilty pleasure, I hadn't even thought of it that way...
@de Twitter. But also Journal One, it's funny to see what was on my mind "n" years ago.
Jan Kovařík
@de For me it's definitely Netflix, especially when a new series of my favorite show is out.
Dan Edwards
@jankovarik Yeah! What show's are you loving at the moment?
Jan Kovařík
@de I'm going for Rick and Morty, again, from a season 1 - as I saw it only twice before :B
Astha Sharma
@de I'd say Instagram or Snapchat lol trying to spend less time on them though. Soo impressive with Timehop! I would never last more than a few months.
Abdullah Al Mallak
@de hands down Instagram, anybody has got anyway to beat it's addictive algorithms, please share :)
@de @abdullah_mallak Delete it off your phone until it's not a habit, then when you redownload it (if ever) keep all the notifications off. That has worked for me - I honestly barely even check it now.
Abdullah Al Mallak
@de @dennis2 I have the notifications off for almost a year and a half, it's the habit of scrolling endlessly that I need to overcome. but yea might give the deletion a shot. thanks a lot :)
Adeline Casagranda
@de For me It'll be "Le Monde" Newspaper, first thing in the morning, and last at night.
Phillip Martin
@de no love for Pinterest?? Have to admit I find it weird that its my go to app when stuck at traffic lights but there you go.
Phillip Martin
Fair enough, I'm guessing your probably more productive with it than I am tbh!! anyway feel better about it now ;)
Jimmy Hsu
@de definitely messenger as I'm in ~40 active group chats.
@de Netflix no question
Dan Edwards
@elmasryahmed favourite show right now?
Karming Chin
@de Love scrolling around Flipp each time I hit the bathroom - always gotta check what's on sale haha
Achi Ram
@de Twitter. Wasting too much time there. Punished by the Flying Spaghetti Monster recently by getting kicked out after a series of unfortunate password errors after my phone got stolen. Starting fresh now maybe it will help me kick the habit a bit.
Dan Edwards
@achi_ram yikes! Do you want to simply spend less time on Twitter or none at all?