What are you working on this week? (w/c 5th August)

Dan Edwards
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I'll start... this week I'm focussed on UX improvements to Makers, particularly focussing on updates to the main feed and discovery of discussions (👀watch this space)! But what about you? What do you want to get done? What's holding you back? Do you need help or advice? Looking forward to hearing all about your week ahead 🙌


Cihan Geyik
We focus testing our product and collecting great subscribers to upcoming page of Kangaroo
Dan Edwards
@cihan_geyik Nice, how's it going for you?
Cihan Geyik
@de testing is very nice. We don't have any problem with the product working. But we don't have more subscribers yet and we have only 1 week to collect more. Yesterday, we created the upcoming page of kangaroo and today we have only 11 subscribers. Would you like to join us? We need your help and feedback :)
Terje Norderhaug
@cihan_geyik I checked out the landing page. "Helping teams on the web ... use favorite links more effectively" sounds interesting, so I subscribed even if it is a bit vague. Here is the link if others want to take a look: https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Roman Eaton
Preparing the PH campaign for this month for ou product, hope it is possible to launch several times in a months
Dan Edwards
@roman_eaton Nice! Is it an update to your product, or something new?
Roman Eaton
@de both, everything is connected with Dashly: new features and new use-cases - everything is to provide a value for Product hunters
Roman Eaton
@de thank you Dan. By the way, do you hunt product that are not about Design?
Great question! This week I'm working on securing A-list guests for Product Hunt. I'm really interested in celebrities that operate in the tech space as advisors and investors and hearing their views on the future of tech and the products they love.
Claire Lavelle
This week I am working on a PH campaign to Launch my teams Product SaveAway! Also working on finalizing and onboarding process to help reaffrim new users.
Astha Sharma
This week we are focusing on getting content on different platforms. For example, we want to convert blog posts into YouTube videos! (Here's the blog post if anyone wants to check it out: https://medium.com/@lovespreadsh...)
David Jeremiah Fuimaono
Hi everyone, I'm new to this platform, and stoked to be around like minded people! This week I am working on creating my first product, an eBook and course.
Nice, can't wait to see the improvements. Are you actively looking for feedback somewhere or is there a way to test something in advance? This week my goal was to launch the new marketing site for Bardo, which is done. On the product-side of Bardo, I'm working on features that let you see the workload of your team members and shift it if needed. I'm also open for feedback and looking for people in different roles of a product-team to ask some questions. :)
Dan Edwards
@keeev Hey Kevin! Feel free to share your feedback on Makers, very much appreciated. Right now we've not got anything to share in advance, but hopefully soon! This sounds cool! So what is Bardo?
@de What's the best way to send feedback? Guess it's easier to annotate it, so maybe comments are not the best way. :) It's a project/product management tool that helps teams to stay aligned and have a realistic expectation on how long tasks/features will take. There's also a community which is like a StackOverlow/Quora for tasks and requirements so that it's easy to see what's needed to achieve something even when you have no idea where to start. You can check out the whole thing at bardoapp.com
Dan Edwards
@keeev Feel free to send it over to dan@producthunt.com if you think that's easier :) Just checked it out, looks cool! And I dig the landing page! Are you building this as a solo founder or do you have a team?
@de aye, I'll send my 2 cents. Thanks, that's good to hear. I'm building it all by myself ... which sometimes feels like the song by Celine Dion. :D Especially now going in full-time with startups raising a lot of money all around me.
Dan Edwards
@keeev Incredible effort, being a solo founder can be isolating but super rewarding! Would be really interested in hearing how we can make Makers more helpful for you as a solo founder :)
Kyle Markell
Currently in the thick of developing a mobile app version of our service. It has been an uphill battle but we ares till surely going to be ready by our estimated release date. Would love you guys to check our site and give feedback www.wefit.us
Peter Lee
After my day job I'm learning ReactJS for a product I'm working on. Tiredness is the main thing holding me back. How do other people give side projects the time they need along side a full time job?
Dan Edwards
@mrpete ooh yes, the balancing act! It's a really tricky one, I'd suggest you use evenings and weekends wisely, but don't burn out. Try not to do a full-time job and then another 6 . hours every night, take time to relax and spend with friends / family to keep you sane! It'll take more time, but it'll be worth it for your mental health and ultimately the success of the project and your current full-time job. Hope this helps!
Federico Pérez
Getting users for my new MVP. It's called ShipIT and it works around github. So, I'm trying to get people that manages tech-based projects.
Jordan Davis
Finished building my app.... set up my ship page and hoping to launch next week :) Trying to pull some beta testers together. It's a learning process.
Dan Edwards
@jordandavis Awesome stuff! Are you enjoying the process? That's the most important thing right now imo :)
Jordan Davis
@de Definitely - I've started and not finished a lot of projects in the past couple years, so it feels amazing to be on the final stretch of launching something!
Navin Lal
Wrapping up final testing of www.getleadup.com and preparing for launch next week!
Sebastián Benítez
Adding an onboarding screen to FreelanceStation . I think some users are having trouble using the application because there is no onboarding.
Tejas Lodaya
Just created an upcoming page for our product to be launched in September. Also, working on the wesbsite. Here is the link if anyone wants to check- https://www.producthunt.com/upco... Thanks