Eva Design System - customizable Design System available for Sketch, with Mobile and Web implementations. The main strength of the Design System is the ability to adapt and integrate your brand making it ideal for any type of product.
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Guys this is much more than just a UI kit. It's structured in a way that you can easily drop in your colors/typography/symbols to update everywhere have a clean sketch workstation. As a developer and Sketch newbie, I never knew how to do this. I could only ever find existing UI kits where I had no idea how to update my branding everywhere. Huge thanks to the creators!
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Hello PH community! I'm happy to finally launch the last part of Eva's family - the first version of the Eva Design System! We've tried to make a good starter pack for people who are going to build a system for their products and for those who don't know how to start. During years of hard work & research, we made and corrected a bunch of mistakes, so our users have a chance to prevent them with the help of Eva. I hope we've managed to make a good product for creators so would be happy to hear your feedback.
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Hello hunters and thank you @de for hunting us! Today we are really happy to share with PH and the whole community the product we’ve been working on for the last couple of years. Meet Eva - a free, symbol-based, customizable design system for Sketch with implementations available for Web and mobile. The reason we decided to create Eva is that we believe that today designers and front end engineers are doing a lot of redundant work that can be significantly simplified. When a new product that includes the UI development phase starts, a set of common design assets shall be created. Besides that, UI developers need to create or adopt a UI component framework. Eva simplifies this process as it provides a set of tools and practices that help with that so that designers and developers can focus on what business actually needs instead of infrastructural tasks. Eva available as the symbol-based Sketch file, which you can download for free, open source frameworks for Angular and React Native (Nebular and UI kitten), and other tools we are planning to release quite soon like a low code platform UI bakery. We are really happy to hear what the community thinks about Eva, so don’t hesitate to share any feedback!
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I believe there is definitely a great future for this product. Good job, amazing design!)


Perfect way to create own Design system Implementations for web and mobile Available free Sketch file

Cons: none
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@xeniagoron Update your comment 😃. "Eva Light: Figma" is ready.
I just downloaded it and shared it on Twitter. Thanks for creating this! :D
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