Create the content structure you need, add content by hand, import it from a CSV, or via the API, then design it visually. Finally, a content management system that works for editors, designers, and developers.
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Hey everyone, This is Vlad, co-founder of Webflow along with @bryantchou and @thesergie. We launched Webflow over two years ago, and from Day 1 we wanted to empower designers and entrepreneurs to create really powerful dynamic sites without having to learn how to code. But the technical hurdles of building this out proved to be so challenging that it took us another 24 months to get it right - so today we're beyond excited to finally get our completely CMS in your hands! We envision a future where anyone can build powerful websites (and soon, entire web applications!) via an intuitive visual interface that is much more approachable than trying to learn web development from scratch. We've already had tens of thousands of designers create professional responsive websites using Webflow - and today we're taking one step closer to our vision by empowering designers to work with dynamic content visually. Check out this video that introduces the concept of the new CMS:
And here's a quick overview of how you would actually use the CMS to build something from scratch:
We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback - I'll be hanging out here throughout the day! Cheers!!
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@callmevlad I think I saw it say something about real-estate but can't seem to find any samples for that.
YESSSS! Webflow CMS is a complete game changer. At we not only built our site on webflow, we were accepted into YC, and have raised over $600,000 in donations on webflow. It's an absolutely indispensable product for us. Here's a case study about New Story on webflow -> I'm so excited about Webflow CMS. Webflow team and @thesergie, @callmevlad, @bryantchou you guys are awesome! Thank you! :)
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These product videos are so great, guys. So impressive to see how much the CMS has matured since seeing it earlier this year. I cannot wait to see the industry change because of your actions @callmevlad, @thesergie, @bryantchou!
Thanks @levi - that means a ton coming from you!
Big fan of webflow! Awesome team and awesome product. The app is greatly done, really responsive and fast (it is a web app). Webflow is an important key on our workflow, as a design tool it allow us to create design and front-end together giving the UI/UX designers complete control over how the site will look and feel. It’s amazingly productive to be able to quickly preview (on any browser or mobile device) how the website looks and works: how the fonts render, how css animations and transitions are behaving, and even checking animations and interactions. Everything while still on the design stage. At Bons (our studio) we use webflow as a more professional tool since it is also really friendly to customise for those with code knowledge.
We've been using Webflow for over a year at Payable for all our marketing pages and blog. To this day, not a single developer on our team has touched the site (they've got an app to build!). Soooo excited about the new CMS and Data capabilities. I've played with beta a bit and the potential is remarkable. A true blog that can be edited by anyone on the team at any time with a design that we have complete control over (no getting locked into a theme). We're even considering building our help center on it. And again, all this handled without involving our dev team. Well done @callmevlad, @bryantchou, and @thesergie!