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It's spring time, and we've done a little cleaning. Introducing an all new Framer — a fresh interface with white typeface, set against a bold black backdrop. Less noise between code and canvas, more integration between all elements. Let me know what you think! framer.com
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@koenbok Love the launch video!
ICYMI, here's the blog post about the new features: https://blog.framer.com/designin... - Full redesign of the Framer interface - Building blocks are front and center (layers, state or animation, events, interactions). - Canvas and code, united. No more Framer split screen. Two detachable windows now. - Everything in its place. Cloud and Mirror are featured to get a smarter tail-end of your workflow. "All in all, this redesign pairs the Framer interface to a smarter workflow, allowing for speedier, more efficient design work. Because we ship as soon as we features are built, you can expect ongoing additions."
Framer continues to crush it. The enterprise offerings are expanding and the enterprise Framer Cloud could be a game changer. However, I'm interested in understanding how Framer will compete against noodle based alternatives like Origami and completely new design processes, like Airbnb's recent react-sketch.app
Dedicated device window 👌
@eonpilot I know! I was having so many weird display issues when connecting/disconnecting from my Dell 4K monitor with the device preview
That epic intro.