What are your plans for the weekend?

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Hey everyone, what are you up to this weekend? I'm hoping to spend as much time outdoors as I can while the weather is nice in London.


Dan Edwards
I'm going to an outdoor cinema with some friends tomorrow night to see Lion King and OMG I am so excited, one of my favourite films as a kid!
@de Will you sing along? I would.
Julie Chabin
Going to the spa on Sunday!
@syswarren Woop woop! Are you excited?
I’m planning to go on a drive! 🚘
Ryan Hoover
Too bad I can't select multiple options in the poll. Feature request! :) I enjoy catching up on work weekend mornings with a cup of Philz. It's far more peaceful. But I have a 6 hour time blocked off on @suzywillow and my calendar for date night. We've both been bouncing around for weeks, so now's a good time.
Joel Benjamin
Movies! I go to the movies every Saturday.
Thomas Groutars
Going to the Netherlands with some friends. On Saturday we're going to a kind of Total Wipeout place, should be fun if no one dies πŸ˜… Probably gonna play some board games, try to drink reasonably, and DJ too (gotta find some use for the 700W speaker I just bought πŸ˜„) All in all, should be a nice week-end πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Gonna spend time with my little cousin sisters who are visiting from LA πŸ₯° They leave on Sunday night though :(
Michael Andreuzza
I was planing to work on colors & fonts PWA and connect it to GA
All of the above? As in, I'll tell myself I'll catch up on work. Then I'll tell myself I'll go outside. Then really I'll catch up on my shows and be a potato.
@laura_pompeu hahaha I love the honesty 😊 Any show recommendations to share?
@abadesi Good Omens, Stranger Things s3 and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries are on my top 3 go to for this weekend. :)
@laura_pompeu OMG I love Miss Fisher! I have watched all the episodes, I think I may start rewatching. I watched Death in Paradise but it wasn't as good.
@abadesi Dang, Death in Paradise isn't available for me to check out. Midsummer Murders and Father Brown are also good, but none of them come close to Miss Fisher's clever sass.
Cihan Geyik
We are planning to lauch Kangaroo on Product Hunt for this Thursday
Chi Nwengoo Ozor
It was fabulous, I had mad fun. Had a dinner on Saturday and went to the movies on Sunday.
@chi_nwengoo_ozor Nice! What movie did you see?
Ghana Shyam Acharya
I am going to lunch new project
Roman Eaton
wow, Dashly team is preparing something new here. Working on creating all the content done. Is it possible to share with you our plans to get a piece of advice?
Ashley Ball
I'm surprising my fiancee at her bridal shower!
@mrashleyball Whoa isn't that taboo?! hehehe
Peter Lee
ReactJS course I bought! And seeing friends :)
Jensen Chen
Watching movie on IQIYi and reading some books about how to become a great product manager.