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Everyone knows that designs look cooler when wrapped in a nice phone or desktop UI. Check out these resources for presenting your designs in the context that they'll be used.
Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
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Pacdora is an online packaging design tool that integrates editing, 3D preview, rendering, and exporting into one single web product. Designers no longer need to purchase and install multiple software, and all the work can be done in a browser.
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Easy-to-use component library built to help you ship faster. With 500+ components, templates, and modern UI design patterns that can be used for all your design needs, tailored for every design industry and platform.
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Let's Say Goodbye to: - 😴 Your amazing Notion templates being treated like hidden treasures. - 🤯 Losing sleep over deciphering complex design tools. - 😩 Feeling like your launch was more fizzle than sizzle. And Hello to: - 😎 Showcasing your templates like they're walking the red carpet. - 🚀 Sales that are blasting off like there's no gravity. - 🥂 The sweet taste of fame and success. No more pounding headaches, just effortless, drag-and-drop Canva magic.
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Instantly create mockups by adding a device frame to your videos.
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The Hololink platform enables anyone to create and launch engaging, interactive, white-labelled AR and XR experiences on the web.
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9 reviews is dedicated to creating an AI packaging designer that allows ordinary people to design their product packaging creatively through easy chatting, and provides a minimalist product photoshoot feature for e-commerce service based on AI model. Now, take a look at what your ideal product packaging looks like →
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Unicorn UI
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Creative marketplace to buy and sell design resources and graphics. 👉 Ultimate source for design & development inspiration 👉 Opportunity for creators to earn money 👉 A platform for agencies to buy designs at affordable price 👉 Much more offers inside!
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Transhumans are open source punk-inspired illustrations in PNG, SVG & PSD formats made by Pablo Stanley. Remix, color, transform, and use on your site, presentation, poster, whatever. No attribution needed. These doodles are yours.
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Glorify is all-in-one design software that lets you create professional, high-converting social media posts, ads, logos, infographics, presentations, short-form videos, mock-ups, and more. Whether you’re an entrepreneur just getting started, a marketer with no design skills, or even a professional designer with more technical taste buds, Glorify is the right place for you!
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Bezi is a collaborative 3D design tool.
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