The best social audio apps in 2024

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JamitFountain Podcast AppGotalk.aiDIKTATORIAL SuiteTruuu: Trivia Quiz Audio Game
These apps provide platforms for hosting or participating in audio-based discussions, podcasts, interviews, and interactive sessions.
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Snowflake O'Reilly Report
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We're bringing the 5-minute phone call back. It's how previous generations got shit done, had time for 5 meetings before breakfast, rarely misunderstood each other, connected with the world, and called strangers for help—with energy to spare for the evening.
Dave Delaney
Alfred Malmros
Dave Delaney and 192 others use Anyone
47 reviews
Poddy is transforming the podcast universe, making it more social and accessible. We present a platform where everyone can create, discover, and interact with audio content. Like, share, comment, and embark on a new media experience - all with Poddy.
Tuğçe Içözü
Ongun Demirler
Ahmet Akdel
Tuğçe Içözü and 140 others use Poddy
12 reviews
Jamit is an all-in-one audio platform that allows voice creators to record, publish, and distribute their audio content and recordings. Jamit’s web platform is home to podcasters, talk show hosts, and diverse voice creators.
Eric Simpson
Yabuku Ibrahim
Eric Simpson and 45 others use Jamit
Fountain is a feature-rich Podcasting 2.0 app and community on iOS and Android. Support your favourite shows as you listen and join in the conversation with other fans. Discover new shows through clips or playlists and earn rewards for listening and sharing.
Oscar Merry
Nick Malster
Oscar Merry and 36 others use Fountain Podcast App
65 reviews
The most reliable tool to record your remote podcast in studio quality with separate audio AND video tracks for every guest. Stream it directly to all your social media channels and best of all let your listeners call in with their questions via video.
Rajiv Ayyangar
Abhishek Jha
Myriam Shemtov
Rajiv Ayyangar and 56 others use
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Gotalk is an ai voice over studio the platform offer 100's of ai voices in 50 different languages the ability to cloan real voices, integrations with Open AI allowing web scraping for tailored recordings for businesses or individuals
Simon Langford
Bristi Jana
Simon Langford and 31 others use
Your virtual sound engineer and AI mastering tool with text prompts. Upscale and enhance your audio in a flash. Musical, instant and creative. It saves you time, money and gives the comfort of hiring an expensive mastering engineer. Try it free now.
Mümtaz Hacıpaşaoğlu
Tolga Araboglu
Berkan Cesur
Mümtaz Hacıpaşaoğlu and 14 others use DIKTATORIAL Suite
Truuu is a unique audio trivia game designed to entertain, educate, and engage. Whether you're a trivia enthusiast, a lifelong learner, or just looking for some audio fun, Truuu has something for everyone.
Etienne Marais
Romario Lourenco
Anthony Chase
Etienne Marais and 20 others use Truuu: Trivia Quiz Audio Game
7 reviews
Curate your Spotify playlists by sorting and organizing them using musical attributes that range from metadata to advanced audio analysis features, including popularity, tempo, the Circle of Fifths, danceability, energy, and over 15 other features.
Verious Smith III
Christian Memije
Luz Memije
Verious Smith III and 7 others use Sortlee
92 reviews
Geneva is an all-in-one communication app for groups, clubs, and communities. Chat, post, hangout, livestream, plan, and more — it’s everything your group needs to stay connected, all in one place. The app is free to use and live on iPhone, Android, & Web.
Paul Harnepher
Mark Isero
Jintae Song
Paul Harnepher and 2 others use Geneva