Ahmed Ayad
Ahmed AyadDigital Marketing director

What is the best free platform to build a chatbot?

i wanna to make chatbot but i wanna simple free platform
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    Forms by Landbot

    The best conversational form builder 🖥⚡️💬

    Afshana Diya
    Afshana DiyaCMO | Digital Strategist · Written
    Personally, I like Landbot for their intuitive conversational interface. Using it for few months without any hassle. You will get first 100 conversations for FREE per month. If you get low volume to handle, then the free version will be good enough!
    • Ismael Labrador
      Ismael LabradorCo-founder at Tuvalum

      It is a powerfull tool to nurture leads and filter customer support into a conversational environment. The new version has improve the custom templates to configure bots according to the target

    • Evan McDaniel
      Evan McDanielDirector of Software Development

      Was starting to build a bot for our website using another tool, and was fortunate to come across Landbot before I got to far with it - this is exactly the purpose we were intending for our site. Can't wait to A/B test it on our live site.