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Florin FloriaWeb Developer

Which is the best app for finding activities to do in your city?

I want to see the apps you use for finding new usual activities in the city you live or where you are searching places where you can do specific activities.
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    Find people to hang out with.

    Gerardo Valdés made this product
    Hey Florin! Last week we launched this app called Around. The concept is really simple, it let's you post what are you doing at the moment or join other's activities.
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    • Vinny Mwano
      Vinny MwanoDigital Marketer & Filmmaker

      I want this app to blow up! For the last 3 years I have been waiting for an app like this. I am a digital marketer & video producer that helps start-up and fortunate 500 companies tell engaging, compelling and exciting marketing videos. It takes 4 seconds for a customer to decide rather to engage with your content or click the skip button. I use the 8 second formula to enhance sales and increase brand loyalty. Please email me vinny@vinnymwano.com, I would like to do some marketing videos for your team for free.

  2. 17

    Immersive travel guide, like Tinder but for places

    Francesco Fiore
    Francesco FioreFounder of Blink, Designer & Climber · Written
    Francesco Fiore made this product
    Blink includes - Top attractions and activities - Hidden gems - Collections like: Most instagrammable places - Guided Itineraries You can save things you like and create your itinerary
    • Ian
      IanApp tester, Product tester, Gamer

      I absolutely love Blink! It works very well and includes lots of great features. My favorite thing about the app is the map and the guide feature, it's amazing to see what people have planned for you and what places they suggest you should go to next!

    • Michele Pierangeli
      Michele PierangeliCo-Founder & Product Manager

      I'm one of the beta users and I saw the improvements of the projects I think that the could easily get acquired by google local ! :D

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    A global calendar and search engine for festivals

    The best listing of festivals and other uniques events of every type. Searchable by location and date range. Users can submit festivals for addition to the site. I've added many myself.
  4. Meetup is OK but I think there is a major gap in the market here. I recently registered the domain AvidCity to build an aggregator but havent kicked off the project yet.
    Anthony Plomion
    Anthony PlomionOff Road Entrepreneur · Written
    Meetup definitly :p
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  5. I was making my own apps with https://niklex.net/ . You can earn additional money with it and also you will have the app you need.
  6. Aman Gupta
    Aman GuptaFounder at FirstFate Social Network · Written
    Aman Gupta made this product
    There was two ways that you can do know cool hangout locations or activities to do in the city - 1. See what People are recommending via MapMyJourney, which as the word suggests, maps your journey depending on your Location. 2. See What your Friends'/Followers recommend, based on your City. It lists Why, When to Visit (Best Time) and How to Visit (Location Track) as well, with personalized reviews. Check it out.