Ben Parker
Ben ParkerCustomer Success @ Webflow

What are the best productivity and project management tools for non-profits & education?

I'm looking for tools that schools and our support organization should be using but that we don't know about. Specifically products that are willing to provide discounts and price breaks! Thanks!
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    Realtime spreadsheet-database hybrid

    Dewane Mutunga
    Dewane MutungaWriter, Speaker, Entrepreneur · Written
    I highly recommend Airtable. They have tons of templates to use for everything from CRM to Program Management docs.
    • Matt Bettiol
      Matt BettiolDo what you love!

      This app is simply amazing! I have been using this as my replacement to Google Spreadsheets. The features inside of this amazing service are endless. If you have lots of data and want to organize it efficiently, this is the app for you :)

    • Danielle A. Vincent
      Danielle A. VincentGeneral Enthusiast, Rouser of Rabble

      We started using Airtable to manage our content projects at work. After using it for a month, I decided I liked it so much that I signed up for Zapier and Airtable to manage my personal projects as well. It has completely changed everything.

  2. Bruno Nascimento
    Bruno NascimentoChief Beard, Barba Brada · Written
    Second time I'm recommending Basecamp today! It's free for non-profits and education.
    Yeah, one of the most advanced and used PM tools probably should suit great in this case.
  3. RozBahrami
    RozBahramiDigital Media Manager, Skyprep · Written
    Check them out, i'm sure they give discounts for education, as I know they've given our non-profit a discount!