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What is the best Facebook Messenger for macOS?

I want something which would handle notifications property. I don't want receive Facebook browser notification and app notification. Also notifications should be able to be received when app is closed.
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    Messenger for WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Slack & Hipchat

    It's free and can use multiple account in tab not like the single account Chatty.
    Arun Sathiya4Happiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    I used to love Franz, but stopped using it these days. I hate their tabbed navigation at the top. Anyway, is a good choice for starters.
    о.Creative at DMNSNS · Written
    Good one ☝️
  2. 17
    Facebook Messenger

    Facebook's standalone Messenger for the web

    ronsheridan5Startup Wannabe · Written
    I have not found a reason to use anything else - but will follow this Ask to see what else is suggested.
    Tarun GangwaniProduct, dev.twitch.tv · Written
    Agreed; messenger.com is fine, and I'm super glad it exists (half expect FB to remove it some day).
  3. 10

    A beautiful Mac app for Facebook Messenger

    I like Chatty due to the fact it's really well-made and well-designed, it has a dark mode which means it fits right on my Mac, and it has some neat customisability options :)
  4. 6

    Elegant Facebook Messenger desktop app

    JayDeveloper · Written
    Simple and nice
    Arun Sathiya4Happiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    Caprine is my most favorite Facebook Messenger app on Mac currently. Solid performer and is fast.
  5. 4

    Desktop messaging for over 48 email & messaging apps

    LyondhurT&R Project Manager at Weta Digital · Written
    Better than Franz and other similar apps, simpler and and with way more service integrations. Plus, I feel it is a more cared for project, with good customer support and decent updates.
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